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Thread: when to toilet train

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    Default when to toilet train

    my DD who is 16 months old for the last week has been saying poo's then a couple of mintues later she has done poos in her nappy. Just wondering when people toilet trained their children?

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    Hi Kelly,
    Does she have a potty or toilet seat? If so I'd pop her on either (whatever you have), when she says poos, but make it fun & a clever thing she is doing not making sitting on a potty/toilet seat scary or boring.

    Read her a book, or sing or something & then fuss like you've never fussed before about how WONDERFUL she is if she does something, if not still encourage her & make trying again later when she says Poos all the more exciting for her!


    Sounds like she is aware of the sensatiuon which is definately a start!?

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    my mum reckons the best time to toilet train is summer ( less layers to take off), as long as the child isn't scared of the toilet.

    she said with me and my brother, she just put us in undies one day and we never had nappies on again.

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    I really think that the child will let you know when the time is right, which may be now!
    It's great if she is aware when a poo is on the way, let her try sitting on the potty, as Tracey said, and see how she goes. Good luck!

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