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Thread: Where do I start?

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    Default Where do I start?

    Id Like to try using cloth nappies, but really dont know where to start, what do I need to buy (Cheap as possible), and where do I get them from?? As you can see Im a bit of a newbie at this. I've been using disposables, but after looking through this forum, Im ready to give cloth a try.

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    there are several places to start, but it would be a good idea to look around @ plcaes like ozcloth nappies, they have most Aussie nappy sellers listed and also have lots of info on types of cloth nappies, alos if you search for nappycino it is full of cloth nappy info.

    IMO you shouldn't have TOO many smalls just a buy a few, whereas Mediums will last you (or could last you depending on your child's build) a LONG time

    I think the common size change over is around 6 kgs to medium, and of course depends on the build of your bub to when that happens

    I would recomend using fitteds with covers(theres a whole array of choices) for very young bubs.
    As fo prices @ the moment there are penty f sale happening with the GNHDU (great nappy hnt down under) and you should be able to catcha bargain or 2 or more

    Things like pocket nappies etc are much better later on for going out, and AIos are not bad but for a tiny bub a fitted is easiest to get it to fit, I would be buying small covers (the cheapest type are polar fleece which you can also make your self if you have a sewing machine)

    anyhow google the site aout and you'll find a wealth of info

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    I always start off with Flats, because they are cheap, then a snappi (for Terry flats) which I use when bubs are a couple months old or so after using Flanny flats which I just tuck, no pins & then tie on a snib, or pop on a small cover as Katanya says... But then I got into the whole fitted nappies thing & my faves for early on til toilet training are Baby Beehinds they fit newborns & Indah now 7+ months is in them still & is no where near the biggest fit, probably will wear them til out of nappies no worries! Good Luck & ask as many Q's as you need, we are here to help.... We are all addicted & soon you will be too!

    Have a look at Indah's site to see some of her funky nappies!!!

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