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Thread: Where do you get these nappies???

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    julesy Guest

    Default Where do you get these nappies???

    Hi there,

    New to the whole nappy thing, but am considering using cloth when the bub is born. I had no idea there were so many different companies that did the fitted cloth nappies!!! Am after some recommendations, but have researched a few:

    Baby Beehinds
    Baby bloomers

    These are the ones I found by just 'googling' the term cloth nappy on the internet. Is there any other type of nappy I should consider?? Am particulary in favour of prefitted, hemp liners in funky colours.



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    Ghada Guest


    Hi Julsey

    Out of the three you have mentioned, i have tried (and still using) Baby Beehinds and find them truly fantastic. But, ofcourse having said that, there are alot of great WAHM cloth nappies out there to try too.

    Goodluck with your decision, be careful, youll most likely get addicted to everything cloth nappy related

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