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thread: Why did you pick to use disposable/cloth nappies?

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    Dec 2005

    Thank you... I know that using disposables, like formula feeding, isn't the best decision we have made in both financial, environmental terms and the health of our son... but when you factor in my health as well, it's our only choice. It's just nice to hear people say "it's ok" every so often. Mummy guilt is powerful stuff!


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    Mar 2006
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    When I had DS I was determined to use cloth (terry as I wasn't aware of anything else then) We bought a few packets of disposables as well the 24 nappies and snappies. After 6mths of cloth and disposables I gave up, we lived in Maryborough where it rains a lot and DS would go through at least 16 nappies a day, we would do two nappies at once to try and make them last longer. I gave up and joined the club that say "oh your using cloth, you'll change your mind after a few weeks"

    When Ari was born I started buying disposables as soon as we were 12wks. I didn't want to hear about cloth again. I had been there done that but all the MCN threads on here piqued my interest so I did some googling. I was a little taken abck at the prices, not what I was expecting and stored the info at the back of my head. Once DD was born (in summer up here) she was always so hot and sweaty under her nappy and had horrible red track marks. I decided cloth would be much cooler for her so pulled out the terries I was going to use as burp rags and remembered those MCN. I figured as cloth was going to be a very real possibility up here with the humidity I might try out these MCn - and hey they looked so cute, I very tentitively got a couple. I fell in love with them and was disguisted in my research to find out about all the chemicals and the tonnes of waste disposables cause.

    I then decided that Townsville needed it's own cloth nappy store and opened the Nappy Bucket. I have now taken on a advocacy role after selling my store and LOVE telling people about all the benefits of cloth, how easy it is and how much better it is for bubs. Using cloth on bub also inspired me to use cloth menstrual products as it seemed wrong to be using horrible chemical filled bleached products on my skin when bub wasn't and so pleased I did. Cloth Rocks!!!!!

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