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Thread: Barrier creams and MCNs?

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    Default Barrier creams and MCNs?

    I have hemp MCNs with two strips of fabric that came with them as inserts. The top one draws the moisture away and feels like a cleaning cloth. ( I am new to all this as you may tell!!) With rash creams however, I read not to use them with cloth nappies as the oils in them make the nappy waterproof. I have been using Sudocrem for a rash but use a disposable with it. I don't want to wreck the insert on the MCN.
    What do you do when you want to use MCNs and thick, oily creams?
    Many thanks!

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    Hey Deirdre. You can use liners to save your MCN. You can either use microfleece liners, or disposable/flushable liners.

    If you get 1m of microfleece (not polar fllece) from spotlight and just cut it into rectangles you can use these to protect the nappy. No sewing required, even i can do it! They will draw the moisture away from baby's bum and still protect the nappy. When these get greasy from the cream you can stick them in a hot wash and they will be good as new!

    The other option is a nappy liner, you can buy biodegadable ones that flush down the loo. Natures child and ennee's both make ones that i know of.


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    Just to let you know, I have had Sudocrem penetrate thru a flushable liner and it did kinda ruin the microfibre underneath - can't get the last remnants of it off for love nor money.

    I just try to get by without barrier creams now.

    I have heard that Amolin might be a better option as it is based on almond oil and not zinc, but must say, I haven't been game to try it after my last mishap.

    regarding liners though, I use Nature's child biodegrad liners for poo purposes in the mornings and they are fab!

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    I think Bepanthen doesn't have zinc in it, that's what we use, but it hasn't been used enough to notice if it affects the MCN.

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    Lucas paw paw ointment! It's clearish and doesn't stain nappy really bad like others do.

    That said when my DS2 suffers from teething rashes, nothing but Desitin works for him. I use microfleece liners and sometimes it takes a good couple of hot washes to get it out.

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