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    Stiff Nappies

    I've always just assumed that after a wash and dry, stiff nappies were normal. I rub them to try to soften them up before putting them on, but they are still not soft like when you first buy them. My Bubblebubs are the worst - I have to scrunch and twist the booster part before I can put it on as I can hold it horizontal and it doesn't move.

    I received some second hand Bubblebubs yesterday and could not believe how soft they were. OMG they were so soft you wanted to rub them up against your face! Soft enough to sleep on! I emailed the lady I bought them off to ask how she washed them so I could do the same, but she just said:

    I don't do anything special with them. I dry pail them, then wash with a small amount of powder on gentle cycle, then hang on the line to dry.
    No different to me, but they are so soft it's amazing. I don't want to wash them because I know they'll stiffen up with me.

    I use a Front Loader and spin on 700, although I've just dropped it to 500 in the hopes it helps today. I'm wondering if it's the water and/or detergent though - I've heard that hard water can make them like this and tank/rain water is better. I just use Cold Power detergent, although about to get the Eco 7 stuff once this runs out. Unfortunately we don't have a tank here, although we will in our new place, so it's tap water only at the moment.

    I've been googling the net all morning and have read that drying out of the sun can help, drying them over night or 10 minutes in a dryer. I don't own a dryer, and I don't trust Melbourne weather to dry over night, although I don't think that will make a difference as I have dried them inside before and they still end up stiff.

    I'd give anything for my nappies to feel like these ones that just arrived. Are there any tricks?

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    Now I have time to read this properly

    Perhaps it is the water where she lives. Stiff nappies happen here a bit for few different reasons.
    It could be the detergent. I use Euca powder and I noticed that when I changed from cold power they did feel a bit softer.
    Canesten and dettol rinse can also have a softening effect.

    Also the time it takes them to dry makes a HUGE difference.
    If they are out on a hot day and dry quick then they are stiffer than if they dry on the clotheshorse over a couple of days. It's been pretty warm here lately so that could be the cause.

    I have been in awe over how soft they are if they have a little run in the dryer but I'm not too keen on doing that too often due to the wear and tear on the nappies and the environmental aspect also.

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    Sep 2006
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    Sam - I use white vinegar in my final rinse for my "normal" clothes to remove any detergent residue, can I still do this with MCNs?

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    I bought some new MCN's on ebay and they were a little stiff when I received them but the note that came with them told me they would soften up with a few washes. I use Lux Flakes and the nappies are now devine! BUT I dont think you can use Lux Flakes in a front loader. I currently use the dryer to dry them as bubs has not yet arrived but once they are soiled I will be drying them in the sun to remove stains etc. It must just be the water as I havent really done anything different.

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    kazbah I'm pretty sure that vinegar deteriorates the elastic quickly, but someone else can verify that for me

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    From what I've read vinegar isn't recommended too often as the acidity can make the elastic and PUL deteriorate quicker than from normal wear and tear.

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    That's true- you will degrade your elastic and delaminate your pul layer with frequent use of vinegar. Occasional use is ok though. The dryer fluffs up nappies noicely- but I'm a clothes airer kinda gal too, and that works nicely for me. I have one bubblebubs- still as soft as the day I bought it!

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    I just noticed my Bubblebubs had started doing the same thing, though not as bad. I was also noticing an ammonia smell to some of the other nappies when I was changing DD so did a strip wash.
    Did a rinse, warm wash with a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, then another wash cycle with nothing.
    The Bubblebub is back to it's beautiful soft self. Hopefully the ammonia smell will go out of the other nappies too.