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    OK ive had a look around and theres a few threads on washing nappies to bugger off the smells.

    I got a few questions now:

    1. Dry pailing..i do this....but the wee nappies are making me heave atm. Should i be putting soiled nappies and wee nappies in 2 different buckets??

    Once they are washed all i can smell is urine still...

    2. Strip washing. Instead of detergent do i use the bi-carb and vinegar mix instead?

    3. As soon as Chelsea wee's her nappys stick like nothing else. mainly the ones i bought off some one...but my nappies i bought brand new have never had a problem (except now with the post wash smell form being in the bucket before washing). Like once they are dried they still not smell fresh...butb once they are wee'd in they smell ok..

    Hmm ok #3 probably made no sense...but i need help!!!

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    Whats best to wash them in...detergent or powder. I use Purity or Amolin atm.

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    sounds like you need to do atrip wash, sophies smelt especially the hemp but where fine after, i used a little washing detergant at 60 degrees, i occasionally use the dettol rinse as well if there smelly
    i dont store them seperatly but yes the smell burns my nasal hairs!! ive started ot put power in the bottom of the bucket in hope it will absorb some of the smell

    do you dry them outside??? mine smell if they dont see the sun

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    Yep dried outside...

    Ok now i gotta go hunt up this strip wash recipie!

    The smell makes me heave....maybe im better off retiring the smelly nappies and just using the ones that dont smell when used...

    OR...go buy lotsa new ones...hmmm...not sure Craig will agree!

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