thread: washing cloth nappies.

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    Aug 2004

    washing cloth nappies.

    just wondering what method you use, dry pailing, or do you soak them, or do you have another method.

    i have just done my first lot of dry pailing, havent seen how they have turned out yet, is it really strange that I am excited to see them - HAHA!

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    I used to soak them in buckets with napisan. Pee'd ones just 24 hrs and Pooey ones rinsed off and then soaked for 48hrs usually (2 soloutions of napisan) then wringed out thrown into the machine and washed like normal


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    katanya Guest

    I am a definate's definately the way to go! And it is exciting when you discover you dont have to bleach the hell out of your nappies to keep them clean..! =D>
    I use vinegar too with a cold rinse after the warm wash with 1/2 usual amount of detergent.

    I use almost exclusively pocket nappies now, so soaking is a no go anyhow!

    be interesting to see if you convert

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    Oct 2004
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    I gotta ask... what's dry pailing?

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    katanya Guest

    Dry Pailing

    We recommend dry pailing for the easiest management of your cloth nappying system. This means that nappies are placed straight in the nappy bucket (after disposing of any solid matter in an appropriate manner) without the addition of any bleaches or sanitising agents. Use of these agents may affect the longevity of the elastic in your Bubba J products, and can be harmful to sensitive skins. When your nappy bucket is full simply place the contents in your washing machine and wash as per your usual method. We choose to run a prewash rinse cycle followed by a normal wash cycle, and only use a half of the recommended detergent amount. We also add vinegar during the final rinse cycle which acts as a natural fabric softener, and recommend line drying whenever possible as the sun will aid in naturally bleaching and sanitising your nappies. (Please note wool covers should not be hung in direct sunlight).

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    Aug 2004

    wow, that got replies fast! Just got the nappies out of the washer, look great and no soaking! we are actually getting a new washing machine tomorrow, a front loader which wash so much more effectively than the top loaders, so will be even better for tough stains.

    here's my method. remove soiled liners and rinse off any excess poo, put nappies straight into empty nappy bucket when bucket is full empty into washing machine, add two caps of napisan if there are any stubborn poo stains (i didnt add any to this wash, and poo marks still came out) and wash on soak cycle. then i dry them in the drier because it makes them nice and fluffy.

    i read that if you have a newer washing machine, there is really no need to pre-soak the nappies in the buckets especially if it is a front loader because they are so much more effective in washing than the older ones of our parents times.


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    katanya Guest

    Don't you mean BIG cloth bum??ROFL :chairfall:

    Glad to hear your trial went so well!

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    Aug 2003
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    I whack all of Jacob's nappies in a bucket of made up Napisan then pop them in the washing machine each night. Poopie ones are run under the hot water tap first.

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    Oct 2004
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    So quick with the replies! Thanks.

    Although I've got a stash of newborn disposables, I may try and use cloth nappies this time around.

    DD was such a vomiter that we ended up using so many cloth nappies to catch the vomit that we decided we just didn't have enough to cope with both ends!

    I guess we just wait and see what this little one is like. (Mind you I keep 'brain washing' him, telling he's going to be a good sleeper and not a vomiter, and that we're going to have a great, easy birth! Hope it works!)

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    Apr 2003
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    I had never heard of dry pailing!!

    Will try it out this time round!!

    Thanks for your topic Min!! =D>

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    Aug 2004

    I'm a dry pailer too - I just chuck all my nappies in a bucket with a lid, and then rinse them out in the laundry sink before washing them. I always scrub the pooey ones before washing.
    I have a front loader, and I just put in half the amount of normal washing powder, and if the nappies are getting a little smelly, I put in a couple of drops of teatree oil. Makes them smell super yum!! Also sometimes I do a hotter load to give them a good clean.
    Then I dry on the line if its sunny, the sun is so good for nappies!!! Or in front of the heater. Never in the dryer.
    Mum and Dad have a top loader, and I was dead shocked that when I pulled the nappies out of the machine, the poo stains hadn't come off!!! I'm thinking that if I had a top loader, I would probably have to soak or use napisan.
    How about this - I went to Farmers (the NZ version of Myers??) and they dont evern sell nappy buckets!!! Or cloth nappies!!!!! I am so happy I use clothies on Jenna - they are so much more absorbant on overnight!

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    Jan 2005
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    Hi ladies.

    Thanks for this thread, It has been very helpful, I am part way through making some really funky fitted cloth AIO nappies and haven't really thought about the different laundering options, although I have bought a lil squirt thingy.

    I think I will give dry Pailing a go... my washer is a top loader but is a big 8kg heavy duty thing, it should probably do it do you think??

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    katanya Guest

    Katanya, how much vinegar do you put in the wash?
    hmm a dash..small dash if it's a small load..larger if it's abig one 8-[ I think the recomnedation is half a cup per load?

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    AmyBaby Guest

    It depends on what type of cloth nappy you are using as to how you should care for them.

    For example, the ones I use, they recommend dry pailing. It is okay to soak mine, but only in water, as soaking products would actually damage my nappies over time.

    Also, for any poo stains, the best thing for this is to hang out in the sun. The sun acts as a natural bleaching agent.

    Oh and i use a Little Squirt for the poos. Using the regular laundry tap takes too long and uses too much water.

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    Feb 2006
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    I've only ever dry pailed. At first it was super scary to hand out yellow stained nappies on the line but the sun never failed me with bleaching them out and leaving me with white nappies. Gotta love that!

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    Oct 2007

    I have been dry pailing and some of Laila's peapods are stained on the inside (the ones with white lining). Dosnt matter how much I was them or sun them they just stay stained..

    I wash in hot water with just washing powder.