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Thread: Fabric help please... cloth pads

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    Default Fabric help please... cloth pads

    I know this is not exactly nappy sewing, but I was hoping Melbel or someone might see this and be able to help...

    I am going to make up some cloth pads. I recently made up some pocket nappies with mels Velvet Lycra and her other Lycra PUL. I really love the velvet Lycra, and was thinking of using it as the backing for the pad... I have a stack of help fleece, so I will use that as the inner, but I am undecided on the liner fabric.

    So, questions are:

    Will the Lycra be OK for the backing?
    And what should I use for the lining? I do my pocket nappies with suede cloth... could I use this?
    And lastly, how many hemp layers will I need for liners for every day use, and also for a pad for use with my new lunette cup?
    Should I do AIO or pockets? I was thinking AIO, but maybe pockets are better. I am so indecisive...

    Big huge TIA.

    p.s. (I saw Alis post, and it had some good lining tips, Ali, if you see this what did you end up using...)

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    My fabrics arrived today. I am using some PUL (it's not too stretchy so I think it is polyester PUL) bamboo and microfleece. The place I bought them from had heaps of seconds microfleece with a couple of holes on the edges, where they dont affect me. They also have the good snap presses, and postage was really quick.

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