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    Hi there Ladies,

    Now that i come to think about it i may just make some MCN's for my little boy and hopefully soon for a newer additon when i actually get pregnant lol.

    I was just wondering if anyone has a good pattern they use to make their MCN's with? Is it a all in one size? what are the measurements for the different sizes of MCN's?

    I would also like to make MC night nappies aswell, how would that be done? just adding extra inside padding?

    Could someone give me a list of the materials needed and what they are used for please, so i have an idea?

    Any starter tips would be appreciated

    Thanks heaps ladies.

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    Hi Linda, i can't really help you as i can't sew! (Yet!) LOL
    But just thought i'd let you know you might have more luck with some help at the nappycino website. Lots of hints and tips on sewing there.

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    Hi Linda,

    How did you go? Have you found out much info?
    Some of the materials you may like to use are]

    Hemp - very absorbant
    Bamboo - very very absorbant, but also takes longer to dry
    Microfibre - very very absorbant but prone to compression leaks to best to team it with one of the above

    PUL - This is a waterproof breathable material. Actually is a laminate on the material. Order it online
    Polar Fleece - You can use a double layer of this to get a waterproof cover (not 100% but works)
    Micro fleece - used for liners or the inner layer (against skin) to help baby feel dry

    BubbaEarth is probably the best place to start for material in stock. There are also lots of free patterns available online. Pretty sure Nappycino has links to most in the DYI threads under sewing.

    Good luck!

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