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Thread: Minky - Where to buy?

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    Default Minky - Where to buy?

    Can anyone recommend where to buy Minky online, or does anyone know if Spotlight stocks it? I've seen some gorgeous dot minky online but I'm not sure where the best value place is to order.

    While we are discussing Minky, would a Minky outer need to be lined with PUL to make it waterproof, or does it work like polar fleece?

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    Not sure where there best place to buy it would be but Yep I think it needs to be lined with PUL or if you had a layer of fleece?? not too sure haven't worked with it myself but know from other nappies I have seen Minky used it is lined with PUL.

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    You can line the minky with either PUL or polarfleece. Maz does her covers with polar and they work fabulously.

    To buy minky online you can try a few online stores like theweeweuns or fairyfabrics. Minkydelight from America have a wonderful selection but you have to buy quite a bit to make the shipping worthwhile. There are co-ops occasionally too. I got some from a co-op and can spare you a bit if you'd like and I can post it with your bamboo.
    Email me if you're interested.

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