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Thread: For those who make honeyboys!..Question about fleece..

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    Question For those who make honeyboys!..Question about fleece..

    Hey guys

    For anyone that makes Honeyboys!..I'm just wondering where you get your MM fleece from??

    I know a few sites that sell it by the nappy cut, but are there many other good places that sell it in anything larger? Is it worth getting it from the USA? Does anyone do coops??

    Thanks if you can help!

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    OK there are heaps of online stores with it ATM! There was a serious MM drought last year
    Have a look at catnaps or fairyfabrics for MM fleece.

    Co-ops are good if you want to save money but bad if you want it quickly. It can take weeks or months to get it. Not for me...I'm not that patient!

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