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Thread: Best night time cover

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    Default Best night time cover

    Currently using Cute Tooshie with a BBH wool cover....but i feel the covers are not right on my girls....the sizing and the shape.

    Whats the best covers for night?

    Id prefer pull up there such a thing? Or am i dreaming...or just really blonde today!

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    I just got my bbh wool cover, first time use tonight! Will let u know! I have the opposite problem... the nappy! I can only think of the big w fluffies ones that pull up.

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    wool soakers!!!

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    KIMBAZ - you're not dreamin'

    there are pullup covers around

    WOOL -
    loomed wool - made by Disana - sold by the weewuns - Disana woollen pullup soakers - no elastic at all at waist or legs, just lovely soft leg and waist cuffs. you can see photos of babies wearing them at the greenmountaindiaper site (US). but size up. the design is so clever, (pleats that don't expand until your child grows) so for example, i have bilbs in the XL, which SHOULD swim on her, if you just go by kgs, but is FINE and waterproof.

    hand knit woollies
    soakers and shorties, e.g Possum Pouches and lots of other WAHMS
    no leg or waist elastic to irritate bubs, just a drawstring at the waist, whihc makes them highly adjustable, size up and you get more value out of them that way. Unlike PUL and fleece, you can have bigger wool items and they STILL work to keep baby dry. WIth PUL and fleece, exact fit is very important. WOol is much more flexible in sizing.

    PROS: wool breathes so well, the best cover i reckon. When the night nappy gets 100% saturated, wool is the only fabric that THEN soaks up 30% liquid. ANd you only wash them once a month (unless there is a blowout). Most woolies are so attractive, you don't need to put clothes over them, they are the pjpants or teh trousers AS WELL as the waterproofer.

    CONS: you need to handwash and lanolise them. if you throw them in the washing machine by mistake, they shrink (so keep them WAY separate!!!).

    you can get Malden Mills Windpro Fleece pull up covers
    Dancing Bears make them, called "Bear Bottoms", sold in Aust by Nurture Nappies
    buy the NIGHT WEIGHT version, the 300wt.

    PROS: throw them in the washing machine, dry fast, great for day or night waterproofing
    CONS: wash them after every use, bulky so not great under clothing -

    you can get Bummi nylon pullup covers
    i think they would sweat heaps, so wouldn't bother myself. Maybe for short wears - daytime - when it's not hot.

    i dunno for sure, you're have to email booroi to check for sure, but the SO SIMPLE STACCINATOR COVERS, might be pullup - unsure.

    hth Kimbaz
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    I'm using BBH with a fleece cover with the girls, and it's going really well, no leaks so far.

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