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    my daughter is 3 months now and i'd like to start using cloth. a couple of questions ...

    i have inherited 8 weenees covers (not the very latest generation tho), yay! The way they seem to work is just to fold the nappy into a pad shape. which nappies should i buy? prefolds or flats?

    in terms of both absorbency and cutting down on bulk which material and how many layers is best? microfiber looks absorbent but is it synthetic? what about bamboo?

    i have some ordinary terrys but they seem really bulky in the weenees.

    would mcn be less bulky than the weenees option? i'm so overwhelmed by the options that I can't make a decision. My baby is long and thin so a bulky one size fit all style will look really funny on her. Am waiting for her to get a little older before trying out the next size up of nappies that have staged sizes. But still don't have a clue which ones are good to start with.

    also, i keep reading about how cloth can be reliably leak free, but it seems to be a lot of trial and error to get to that point? I have tried a couple of folds ala nappylady but haven't left them on for long as I notice gaping backs/slipping down/nappy is very bulky. Will keep experimenting.

    Finally, if I did just use flats which covers would be good?

    Sorry so many questions but I am so confused!

    i have bought a metre of polarfleece to make my own liners.

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    dd 4
    dd 27-7-06

    suggestions please!!

    thank you!

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    I use a lot of fitteds but in terms of flats, I use a BBH cover which works a treat...also use Bummis Super Whisper Wrap or whatever it's called, and that's great too. No leaks whatsoever.
    Hmmm, gotta go, bubs is waking!
    There are heaps more experienced cloth girls out there, they will come to your rescue!

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