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Thread: Wool covers for all time use

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    Default Wool covers for all time use

    I think baby Leo reacts to PUL. He doesn't wear it often as I have him in BBBs without a cover for most of the time. When he does wear a PUL cover (ME airflow or bummis) he gets red in the whole nappy area.

    I'm thinking the answer might be to switch to wool covers and fitteds all the time.

    I've been suggested to the loveybums wool covers (the jersey ones) and I'm just unsure where to start really.

    Does anyone else use woolies all the time instead of PUL? What brand do you use?

    My grandma is knitting me some woolies as well, but I'd like to get some wool/felt ones to use.

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    Hi Tara, I use wool alot, so does GiGI I think.
    I mostly use knitted up soakers/longies etc but have a wool cover I got off a seller on ebay. Its nice I really like it, problem is its missing atm. Not sure what happened to it when we moved!

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    I'm big on wool in winter, I have some gorgeous longies I had custom made for Thomas. I like Wool for overnight too- either shorties or a sugar peas in the warm weather.
    I don't use it all the time though as I like the dryness of procare during the day. Wool under clothes doesn't work well for us.

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    Tara - many other things to use as the waterproof barrier, other than PUL

    In winter
    - flongies
    - longies

    in summer
    - woollen handknitted soaker
    - woollen handknitted shorties
    - wool covers (for day use, the elastic in the legs would make me hesitate to use it for long wears)
    there is wool flannel, wool jersey, few different grades of wool for the commercial wool covers
    - florties (fleece shorts)

    PRO-Care is a type of PUL, so i wouldn't bother with that if i were you, JIC he's allergic to that too.

    SugarPeas make wool covers in two different types of wool, i think they are a small make.

    With soakers and shorties, boy oh boy, so many WAHM's to choose from! Click Clack covers on Wahmnaps look good, Possums Pouches soakers are lovely, Peep-O shorties are grand.

    You want woollies with a shaped crotch area, to accomodate teh nappy, if they are straight, just like normal shorts, the crotch will get all stretched.

    If you have a knitting nanna (lucky you), you'll find patterns on Nappycino and ozclothnappies, you need minimum 8ply wool in 100% merino. Read the "Why Wool" link on Nappycino for interest.

    I can't imagine using handknitted woollies under clothes but the items look so nice, i don't want to cover them up anyways! But the wool cover i use from Sugarpeas, that one i have put under trousers. Havne't used wool covers in the car (to speak about compression leaks). It's been a revelation to me, to use the wool in summer. I know logically it will be fine, but i had this thing in my head "wool is just for winter!!!".

    but i love lambswool in summer for the car seats, so my logic is skewiff!

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