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    akina Guest

    Alternative Therapies

    Wanting to find out any ones experiences with alternative therapies good and bad. I have developed some pretty severe PMS with mental symptoms only. I am off to the counsellor and have started on evening primrose oil and postnatal vitamins and also have rescue remedy (which I havnt felt the need to use yet - give me a couple of weeks) If I cant get any other help from counsellor and it keeps going on I am going to a highly recomended naturopath to see what they can do to get these violent hormones of mine under control. Has anyone been to in a similar situation and is there anything you would recommend or anything I should avoid whilst still breastfeeding???

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    Sounds terrible for you - I don't know what to suggest here, have you had everything checked out with your doctor? Perhaps there is a hormonal imbalance which needs to be addressed? All the best!
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    naturalwoman Guest

    Hi Akina,

    Have you thought about acupuncture as a treatment option/adjunct?

    It is very useful to restore your balance postnatally,and align you with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual transition into motherhood. It is also a drug free option if you are concerned about herbs/drugs crossing over into breast milk and affecting you baby.

    Counseling is an excellent way to work out the more practical areas you may need support but sometimes there is only so much talking you can do and the answers to your problem may well be of a more physiological nature. AP is easily and effectively used in conjunction with your counseling therapy and if youc hoose to try it I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Natural woman