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Thread: any comments about vitex for luteal phase defect - pcos?

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    Default any comments about vitex for luteal phase defect - pcos?

    i'm researching...but any comments from women who have used it would be welcome



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    Hey Karan

    Bit of background - I had the Depo Shot in Sep 2006. Only had it once, never had any bleeding. Lost my periods until July 2007. When they started again my cycle lengths were all over the place - 26, 23, 29 and one month even 18... what the?? and my LP's changed too between 10 and 12 days.

    Anyway I did some reading about how I could try to regulate my cycles and came across some info about Vitex and thought "well I will give it go and see what happens"
    I dont know whether it was just a coincidence but the month I took the Vitex (I was using the blackmores brand) I fell pregnant and here I am now with only a month left to go!!

    My personal opinion - every woman is different but try it and see if it works for you! :goodluck2:

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    Default herbal treatment of PCOS

    Hi Karan,
    Yes vitex is certainly one of the herbs used to treat luteal phase defect. Other herbs most frequently used in the hormone balancing process in PCOS are peony, licorice, chamaelirium and cimicifuga. It really depends how your symptoms present as to which herbs would be recommended. A really good idea is to have salivary hormone analysis done to get a really good picture of where your hormones are at and then I would go from there. Also lifestyle and dietary changes would help.
    I am one of the naturopaths at the new Belly Belly Pregnancy centre in Canterbury. Not sure if you can get there. If you can would love to help.

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    thank you, Jocelyn, i probably should have included some background...

    i was diagnosed with PCOS in 1983, and advised to "just stay on the pill"
    i was infertile in my late teens till i got my weight down to under 60kg at 164cm height
    i had twins (with no family history) at 23, full term, high birthweight
    single birth four years later, full term, high birthweight
    i have never smoked and until the last few years, rarely drank alcohol
    i was a vegetarian for many years, eating our own produce until i became very ill with glandular fever and bahmar forest virus in 1994
    in my quest to get well i have used acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, kinesiology and chiropractic, and i also stick fairly solidly to the "eat right for your type" diet.

    i'm a remedial therapist in private practice since 2001 (diplomas in remedial massage, remedial therapies and reflexology) and an aged care worker

    since i fell pregnant in december i have been taking blackmore's pregnancy and breastfeeding gold, blackmore's cal/mag mix, flaxseed oil by the dessertspoon daily, and initially fefol as well.
    in february i was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage at 9.5 weeks, loss of heartbeat, an underdeveloped by two week fetus, followed by a D&C.

    i continued to take the above supplements.

    my first cycle to ovulate since i fell pregnant again, miscarried at 7.5 weeks over the weekend, again with an undeveloped by two weeks fetus/fetal sac.

    i've added 1000mg of vitamin C to my regime, and was taking blackmore's celloids silica while i was bleeding.

    i have approached doctors and my naturopath here in coffs harbour many times with the PCOS problem, and cannot get any action. at the moment i have 12-15kg to lose, and am clutching at straws!!

    i'd love to book in with you but victoria is just too far away, and there's no naturopath here in coffs with any idea about PCOS, so i'm trying to find out as much as possible for myself.

    i appreciate your reply


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