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Thread: Avoiding those nasty bugs

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    Default Avoiding those nasty bugs

    This whole pregnancy I have avoided catching any nasties (even with my family getting bouts of varying illnesses) I have been very lucky

    DD#4 now has a runny nose and DP just called to say he feels sick (not runny-nose-sick, unless it's a man cold!! ). Last week his boss continued to come to work with the flu so maybe it's that *shrugs*

    I recall reading a thread about what may help prevent viral infections but I can't find the thread. One suggestion was eating whole garlic cloves? The last thing I need at 37-38 weeks pregnant is a virus!

    Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Hi Tanya I've been thinking of you and looking for a BA! as for the cold thing I've been lucky too, I think having Zinc, probiotic & garlic are all winners in keeping healthy along with Vit C and regular fresh juices with ginger, etc in them plus loads of fruit & vegies and a great diet, also limiting dairy will help.

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