thread: Low Iron and B12?

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    Low Iron and B12?


    Has anyone had low B12?

    I had a blood test done last week to check my iron levels, for some reason, two lots of results came back, one said my iron was low, the other said they were O.K, but both said I had low B12 which I have never had. I got my results over the phone so i couldn't ask the nurse too many questions, I have to wait and see the Dr and that is not till December as I live in a country town.
    She said that he may give me an injection of B12. If you lack B12 do you get tired and irritable? I'm not really any tireder than I usually am, I have 2 small children and a business to run so maybe I am running on overdrive. What can I do in the meantime to increase my levels? I eat pretty well, walk heaps, drink lots of water, I'd love to hear if anyone has had low B12 or iron and what they ahve done!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had low iron stores and low b12 a couple of years ago. (Funnily enough my folate levels very quite high though - which can in itself mask a b12 deficiency)
    I was getting really tired, all the time, to the poin of falling asleep, not being able to drive etc.

    My Dr did some test to check for the reason my B12 was low, because there are a coupld of things that can cause it - mine was just dietary though, which is easy enough to fix up (well, harder for me as I'm
    vegetarian) - I did take a supplement, from the chemist, it was a dissolvable pink tablet, can't remember what it was called though.

    For the iron, I initially took a supplement 'ferrograd-C' which has vitamin added to assist in absorbing the iron. Also tried to focus on eating better, which did the trick cos I ended up with more than enough iron and had to stop the supplements.

    DH had low B12 too, his wasn't dietary, his body doesn't store B12 properly so he's supposed to have injections every 2-3 months.

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    jaggard - are you vegan or vegetarian by chance? just that B12 is from animal protein (usually red meat) and you can become deficient in it without knowing, your body will never re-build up the stocks of B12 - so if you're on B12 injections for a deficiency then you'll probably be on it for life - I'd check this all out with your doctor, I'd even see a dietician and/or naturopath to check out dietary/natural options.