thread: Naturopath vs Chinese Medicine

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    Jul 2006

    Naturopath vs Chinese Medicine

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question re the above topic.

    I saw a Naturopath who helped me regulate my cycles and fall & stay pg with dd. (I had suffered 2 m/c's prior to dd)

    I am now ttc # 2 (after 1 m/c) and have gone back to the Naturopath but have twice (by two different people) been given the name & number of a Chinese Herbalist who works along side IVF patients at Monash Clayton.

    I was going to stick out things with the Naturopath until June this year and then if no success, switch to this gentleman but now I am thinking that maybe my success rate would be higher with the Chinese Medicine.

    Can anybody tell me if they know of or have had a higher success rate with one or the other?


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    Jun 2008
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    Both have great rates of success, and can work really well together. I am a Naturopath, and I often refer my patients to an acupuncturist for extra assistance in rebalancing energy and ensuring unhindered flow of chi through the body.

    There have been some recent articles in medical journals about acupuncture enhancing the effectiveness of IVF, which is fantastic to see in mainstream medical journals.

    I always recommend following your instincts - do what feels right for you. You may even be able to continue seeing your naturopath whilst receiving acupuncture from the TCM doctor.


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    Jul 2006

    Thanks Nicole - I was contemplating accupuncture whilst seeing my naturopath, so your answer has clarified that this would be ok.