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    Hmmmmm I'm thinking of starting on some RLT but am hesitant as I have been told I WILL go early!!

    So do i take RL tea or RL tabs??

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    MelanieKate - it is a uterus toner - it isn't used to bring on labour early etc, just once contractions start they keep on going etc.

    Personally as I wrote in last post I would use a tincture again - personal choice. With tea you can get just the natural raw product, with tablets they are still manufactured artificially even though they contain real product.

    With tea, hard to tell if you get the same amount in every cup. But if you haven't had any probs with contractions regularity, would be fine I would think.

    Tincutre, you get the same amount every time

    Just my thoughts

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    Feb 2009

    Any idea what tables are available these days?
    Someone told blackmore ones are out of stock


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    I got the actual tea from a health food store I think...and just drank it with loads of sugar. So that might be an option if you can't find any tablets. I think asking your local health food store about tablets might be worth a try though.

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    Just checked the cupboard, mine are "natures own" got them from the local chemist. Couldn't find the tea at woolies & we don't have a health food store here.

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    I drank RLT religously, cant remember exactly when I started, whatever it says on the box. lol
    I really believe that it worked, I had an 8 hour labour, no intervention, and - from what I've heard - comparitively easy, pretty good for a 1st.
    I also drank it post birth. About a month, maybe 2 after my tummy was looking great(aside from the stretch marks) and it is now as flat as it was pre-preg.

    It may just have been my genetics but I dont want to find out the hard way. I swear by it and will definately be drinking it again next time.

    Also, I dont like herbal teas either but I really liked the RLT.

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    herbs of gold brand are good cos you only have to take 2 - 3 a day instead of the 10 or so of the blackmores. The healthfood shop should stock them. I took the tablets and drank a couple of cups of tea a day as well.

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    I would look for the tablets in a health food shop too or see a naturopath.

    I've just started drinking the tea and have got the leaves. I brew them for 8-10 minutes because I think it gives a nicer flavour than the recommended 5 minutes. I started drinking tea last week (approx 34/5 weeks). I'm drinking 3 cups a day and will probably try and squeeze in more over the next few weeks.

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    Bit late getting here
    I took RLT tablets in both pregnancies, though with DD1 I started at 39 weeks (too late) so with DD2 I started at 34 weeks.
    I used the tablets, (blackmores) and the drink.
    The uterus is a muscle, and like any muscle it works better when used/toned,and this is what RLT does, helps your uterus 'work' better.
    Beware though, some women who have sensitive uterus can go into early labour from RLT and also it can make your labour quick, I know you are all thinking yay quick labour, but sometimes it is too quick.
    I talked to my GP/midwife about taking it as I had terrible first birth, and it was advised I take it. My labour shortened from 20 hours to just 5hrs

    Good luck...