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    Default Vitamin C

    Has anyone heard about Vitamin C and taking it to help the risk of miscarriage?

    I remember reading an article somewhere about it...


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    I have never heard of that I am sorry Nelbe, so I am afraid I can't help you there. I'll have a look in my natrupathic book I have and if I find anything I will let you know.

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    Default vitamin c debate!

    I haven't heard of vitamin C being taken specifically for preventing miscarriages.

    But some roles of Vitamin C include tissue growth and repair, antioxidant (therefore inhibits harmful toxic substances tha may induce miscarriage?), lowers blood pressure (pregnancy induced Hypertension is one cause of miscarriages), is essential in formation of collagen - protecting against abnormal blood clotting and bruising. It is also essential for immunity and is anti-stress etc etc.
    It's an amazing nutrient really - but unfortunately we don't produce it ourselves naturally - we have get it from diet or supplements.

    Raspberry leaf tea is fantastic taken during the last few months of pregnancy. This strengthens the uterus and mimimises the chances of miscarriage.

    Interesting info: decaffeinated coffee (rather than regular coffee) is thought to be a contributing cause of spontaneous abortion during the first trimester.

    hope this ma be of help to someone!

    keep up that vitamin C


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    I am taking one vitamin C tablet morning and night as advised my my natural therapist who specialises in Natural Fertility. I am taking it to help eliminate toxins and heavy metals from my body and I take an extra one when I fly for work as it helps with the cosmic radiation. Now I'm pg I do not fly for work.

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    Sal Guest


    Hi there,

    Just reading about decaff coffee - can you please let me know where you read that - being someone who can't tolerate caffeine but likes the taste of coffee, that is a worry about the link with spontaneous abortion!

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    I actually read an article on the BBC Network about caffeine as I had a bet with John - he though tea had as much caffeine as coffee! I so knew he was wrong! But it was a great article and had a table of caffeine content in drinks:

    *Coffee (mg/cup)
    - instant 61-70
    - percolated ground 97-125
    *Tea (mg/cup)
    - 15-75
    *Cocoa (mg/cup)
    - 10-17
    *Chocolate Bar
    - 60-70
    * Cola Drinks (mg/12oz can)
    - 43-65

    It said pregnant women should limit intake of caffeine and another article said that more than 5 cups of coffee a day can have drastic effects on conception - but this is all based on internet info so not to be taken as gospel of course. Might be a good article to tackle when the main site is back up and running!
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    Haven't heard of the decaf being linked to m/c before. But I read in the papers and on the net a few months ago something about how new studies show that even just 1 strong cup of coffee a day can have a negative effect on TTC. Not sure how accurate that is, but it was an interesting read.

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