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Thread: 24-week premmie

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    tiggy Guest


    Yay Kate!!!
    What fantastic news!
    I hope that he goes from strength to strength!

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    Kate, I wish you all the very best with your son. I have a friend who's nephew was an extreme premmie - 25 weeks- and is now 14 years old. My strongest prayers are with you and your family. You must be so proud of your little boy. Please keep us up to date with his progress.

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    Hey there Kate, welcome to BB
    I noticed you're in Adelaide. My freind just had her bubs 9ish weeks ago too (little girl born at 28 weeks). Not sure if you're after a buddy in the same (ish) situation but if you want someone to chat to or meet up with, I could suss it out with my friend. She's lovely.
    Praying for you guys.

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    Kate Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful son..

    My son was born at 27+3wks and was ventilated for 4wks, CPAP for 6wks , low flow for 2wks then went home with no oxygen.. He was in hospital for 3.5mths so i certainly know the road you are going down.. Max sounds like he is going from strength to strength and being born so early just means that he will take that little bit longer to get there but he will..

    Ronan had a PDA which finally closed 5wks after 2 doses of endomethisun (sp?), Chronic Lung Disease and a double Hernia which was operated on 1 week before he came home for good.. He is now 7mths corrected and weighs approx 9kgs so doesn't look ex premmie at all so we are forever grateful that he is thriving so well..

    I hope to follow your journey through NICU and read about how much your little man is growing..

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    natlie Guest


    Kate congratulations on the big move from intubation to CPAP,

    We to know the stress your feeling at the moment. Pyper was ventilated for 10wks and on CPAP 6wks home on oxegen and yes Chronic Lung Disease, although mild. Just know that all the trials he has been having off is strenthining his lungs.

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    mae Guest


    Sounds like he's a strong little guy! Congrats

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