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Thread: Airlie Fae 27+5 6.1.06

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    Default Airlie Fae 27+5 6.1.06

    Hi Ladies my name is Fiona i am new to this site. I am married live on the central coast of nsw and have 2 kids mason who is 6 born ft and Airlie Fae who was born 27+5 due to pre eclampsia and hellp syndrome. I wnt to hospital 2.1.06 got admitted at and then sent on the 3.1.06 to Royal North Shore Syd. It really was a waiting game to see how sick I got to how big Airlie could get. I was lucky enough to get both shots or roids and some bp meds too. On the the night of the 5th Jan i had a hellps attack and was pumped full of endone, mophine, pethadine and more. The morning of the 6th Jan she was born by c-section under general at RNS. She was resused and taken to the NICU. I was taken to ICU where I stayed for 2days. I stayed in hospital 6days after her birth and by day 12 was off all bp meds. Then at approx 4mths after she was born i seen renal specialist and there was no trace that i had even been sick good in one way but in another we have no idea if this happen again so not sure we will have anymore yet. Airlie spent 8weeks in hopital. Home for a week then off to westmead for bilateral inguinal herina op. Only ohther thing that has been an issus was end of Aug she got sick and in hospital RSV+ and bronchilitis. They then found that she had a haemaglboin of only 42:eek: so she had to have a blood transfusion while we were there on our week visit. Airlie has recently seen the cardio about her pda and leaking valvue in her heart and has been given the all clear!!
    Today she is a happy healthy baby who is so so so cheeky. She has just started to crawl, sits unasisted and goes into the crawl position from this. She also has started to pull herself up onto things which freaks me out:eek:
    Her brother and her have a really close bond its amazing how close they are.
    we have a site if you like to know more and look at some pics i am just about to upload some new pics today.

    nice to meet you all


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    Hi Fiona, welcome to BB and this thread.
    Thanks for sharing your story with us, after such an early arrival it sounds as if Airlie is now going great guns - WOW crawling and pulling up already!!!!
    Be sure to join in the prem mums thread!

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    WELCOME Fiona and Airlie!
    As Carrie said, come chat with us on Premmie Mums

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    Hi there and welcome!

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    Hi Fiona!!
    welcome to BB (spoken to you on austprem b4)
    Thanks for sharing your story, Airlie is such a gorgeous little girl.
    well growing up fast now sitting & crawling!!

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    Hi Nic,

    of course we remember who you are you have such a cute boy ( i am thinking of setting him up with Airlie although she is a bit older ) Thought i come check out the famous belly belly and see what its like. I cant belive Airlie is getting so big and i telll you cheeky as too.


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