thread: Bringing Premmie Baby Home

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    Bringing Premmie Baby Home

    In the last 24 hours bubs has dropped CONSIDERABLY and I am now concerned about having him early. Not concerned as such because I know there is only so much I and the medical staff can do to delay if I do start contractions (BTDN). I just don't think I'm going to last my 5 weeks left.

    I guess my question is, for those of you who did deliver early, who was actually able to bring their baby home with them when they left hospital, and how many days/weeks early did you deliver?

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    Even though I wasn't that early with Kameron (15 days - born at 37wks 6 days) he was still classed as prem cause he was small and needed NICU, feeding by nasal tube etc. On day 4 I was ready to come home, as I was sick from being in air conditioning 24/7 etc. Kameron was still touch and go as he was having some major dramas with blood sugar levels and had bad jaundice at one stage. Thankfully though he passed what tests he needed (just) and came home with me.

    Day 3 of being home, he still had jaundice and if he didn't pass the blood tests that the midwife carried out at home he would have had to been re-admitted to the hospital, but thankfully he once again passed it

    So yeah we were in the hospital for 4 days.


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    When i had Kimberley we where in hospital a week until she was allowed home. I was not on a ward after day 4 i was in a room with Kimberley in the special baby unit.
    With Alexander we where home on the morning of day 5.

    I think it all depends on the hospital.
    With Kimberley they would not let her go home until she put weight on this time with being a different hospital they did not worry if Alexander had put weight on before sending him home.

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    I had Alexander at 35 weeks at Monash Medical Centre. We were both there for six days before they flew us back to Goulburn Valley Base Hospital. I had technically been discharged, but stayed with Alex for the next four days in a "parenting" room. His birth weight was 1.9 kilos and I took him home at 2.02 kilos. They usually make you wait until 2.5 kilos, which would have been another three weeks, but because I could have the domiciliary midwife visit daily, my husband was a nurse, and my boss's wife was the local lactation consultant, they felt I had enough support to be able to take Alex home. I was lucky.

    Hopefully with this one I'll be able to take it home with me, but I'm not holding my breath.... the docs say if I make it to 32 weeks I'll be doing well. I'm now almost 23 weeks... so wait and see!

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    I had my little man at 32wks & we stayed at Monash Medical, Clayton for 5days after his birth when we were transferred to a hospital closer to home. We then spent 11 days there before being transferred back to our local hospital where we spent a couple of weeks before bringing him home. We actually bought him home when I should have been 36wks pregnant. We had to wait until he was feeding by himself before we could think about taking him home.

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    i think anytime after 36 weeks, you can usually bring them home and if they are over 2kg. They get the suck/swallow reflex at this stage, so as long as they can feed, you should be fine
    my twins were born at 31 weeks and came home at 36 weeks gestation
    hope this helps

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    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Odette, I'm 36 weeks on Monday so with your comments in mind, things are looking good. All I want to do now is get through my DD's birthday party tomorrow and then I'll be completely happy.

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    I agree with Odette, the twins were born at 33 weeks, and came home exactly 3 weeks after their birth, DD#3 was born at 36 weeks ( 3410gm) and came home when I went home at day 3. Good luck, I would say you were pretty much out of the woods now.

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    Hey hon, I went where you are now 35 weeks and 5 days with both of mine.

    you know that they'll be fine don't you? Mine were, but stayed in SCN for the time in hospital, Nyah 1st baby-6lb 13.5ozs-food wait for premmie and William 2nd baby-was 6lb 7.5 ozs he came home on time Nyah had to stay in for two weeks only because her sucking reflex hadn't come in, if they are ready to come out then they are ready-hoped I helped a bit darlin', you'll be fine. DON'T WORRY OK ANGEL. 4 U

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    I had Seren at 34 weeks and she weighed 3lb6oz, and she was in Special Care for 5 weeks. Hope all goes well for you x