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    Hi im new

    Hi i just found this website (was linked from another site).

    My name is Kari and i have a premmie bub.
    My first pregnancy ended up in a miscarraige at 12 weeks 2 years ago on fathers day.
    I then fell pregnant and everything seemed to be going great. At about 26 weeks i started to get high blood pressure, which for me is normal but not in pregnancy it goes lower. The doctor put me on medication and i was refered to the high risk clinic at the hospital.
    A week later i started to swell up, normally i get swollen feet but this was different it was so bad i could hardly walk. We had just finished moving house so i thought it was cos i was on my feet all day unpacking etc. It got to the stage that the swelling went up to my knees. I went to the doctor who sent me to the hospital where they run some tests and said nope your fine go home. That was the sunday. On the monday i had an appointment at the high risk clinic at the hospital. The doctor there said he felt the baby was a bit small for the gestation and wanted me to go for an ultrasound that week. But not to be worried about anything cos it was just a precautionary measure.
    I booked in on the friday. My partner took the day off and we went to the ultrasound. The nurse left half way through and said i just have to show my superior this. She came back in and asked us to go into a waiting room and someone would come and see us. Her superior came in and said there is something wrong, your placenta isnt working like it should, the baby hasnt grown in atleast 4 weeks and there is no fluid. Then proceeded to tell us i would be going up to labour and delivery and would have the baby that day.
    Rang up our parents frantic as i was only 28 weeks. They were there at the hospital by the time i got up to labour ward.

    The neonatal doctors, labour ward docs all had a big meeting and came to see us. They said that the baby had a better chance of coming out then it would to stay in cos both our lives were at risk. They said they were going to schedule me for a cesearean the next day as they wanted to get some steroids into me to help his lungs. They took us on a tour of the neonatal which was pretty scary as the babies were so small!

    The next day 13/11/04 at 3:09pm, Jarred Robert was born weighing in at 1pd 6 (625g).
    He came out breathing on his own and let out a little cry which was half the battle they told us. When they went to take my placenta out it just fell apart. It was pretty much dead.
    He was taken to NICU and put on a ventilator. He was on that for 19 hours and then put on CPAP. But a week later he caught a staph infection and was put on the ventilator for another 2 days before he pulled it out himself.
    He relied on the CPAP for 8 weeks, with 6 blood transfusions, steroids, diuretics and lots of other stuff.

    After 4 months of being in hospital we baught our little guy home. It was great as it was also our 5th anniversary.

    He has been home for 4 months now and is going pretty good. Still suffering from reflux pretty badly. He is now 5.8kgs.

    I found out after i had him that i have a thing called the MTHFR gene which is why i had a miscarraige and a premmie. Basically when i get pregnant my blood starts to clot which puts a clot in the placenta. They say i can get pregnant again but i will be monitored very closely. Though its not a 100% garuntee i can carry to term.

    Well thats all from me for now

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    Aw honey, you and DH must be so brave and Jarrad sounds like a strong little fighter.

    You have been through a rough time and scary,but all has turned out well thank god.

    Im sure you must treasure him immensly. Fingers crossed for another.

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    Hi Karzii

    I found out after i had him that i have a thing called the MTHFR gene which is why i had a miscarraige and a premmie
    I too have a MTHFR gene abnormality, which was discovered during the pregnancy of our 2nd child. My first born was spot on 6lb and the 2nd was 6lb 7oz, both born approx 2 wks early due to the babies not putting on weight. My placenta was also very small with my 2nd born and I passed a lot of clots.

    I was also told if I fall pregnant again I will be closely monitored and put onto baby asprin to stop the clotting. In the last 10 weeks of my last pregnancy I was put on to very high dosages of B6 B12 and Folate to try and get nutrients into the placenta.


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    karzii Guest

    wow, your the first person ive also heard of having it!!!!

    ive been told that i will have to have folate through the whole pregnancy and asprin which is a bit hard cos im alergic to it.
    Did they give you anything?

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    karzii Guest

    sorry didnt see the last bit where you wrote that

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    Hehehe yeah i edited my post cause I thought I should say that too.

    I am also from Adelaide as well, and you too are the first person I have heard that also has it


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    Hi Karzii,

    Welcome to BellyBelly.
    Thank you for sharing your story it must have been so awful for you at the time. Lovely to hear Jarred is doing so well.

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    karzii Guest

    It was hard to go through at the time, but it was easy in a way because he is my first child and i dont know any different. The nurses all tried to make it as easy for us as possible which helped a lot.
    Though i dont remember an awful lot of being in there. I remember the first time i saw him but cant remember seeing him, just remember being on the bed and arguing with my partner on how to spell it. Had all the nurses getting in aswell on how they thought it was spelt.
    Ive blocked a lot of it out, which i think was the coping mechanism for me. I never had any post natal depression but i have heard that its very common for post traumatic stress down the track.

    Astrolady - were you at flinders???

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    Nope Kazrii

    I had both of my boys at Lyell McEwin in Elizabeth Vale.

    Just thought I would let you know as well that if you want to chat to other Adelaide mum feel free to join us in the SA Forum as well.


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    Welcome to BellyBelly and thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I am so pleased that Jarred is doing so well, and you too!

    Have a look around the forums and come chat to us if you feel like it.

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    fletch we are going to wait a while. I would love to have another one now but i dont think i could do it. Falling pregnant after my miscarraige i was worried all the time i would lose it, i think this time i would be worried about the same and also if i would have it early.
    + my partner has 2 kids from a previous marraige so i think we will have to sit down and see if we could afford 4. Would have to get a new car, house etc.

    Though one thing i am worried out is that, if we had another one and i went to term etc, i would be worried that i would favour jarred because of all he went through to be here with us and i dont want that. For others that have had kids after a prem did you find you favoured your prem or let them get away with more????

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    May 2004


    I had two prem babies.
    Both times i had pre-eclampsia so there was nothing i could do.
    I love both mine so much and would never favour one more than the other. kimberley does get away with lots of things with me but not DH i think i am just to soft and when Alexander is older i will treat him the same.

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    karzii Guest

    i also on top of the mthfr gene also had severe preeclampsia.

    i would never want to favor another, or do it intentionally but im just worried that i would without even realising.
    Though my partner doesnt favour Jarred over his other two kids, treats them all the same which is good.

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    Hi Kazrii

    There is a couple of good stories on the main BellyBelly website that you might want to read in relation to loving two children.

    One is Falling In Love Again and the other is Loving Two


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    Congratulations Kazrii on the birth of Jarred. It's so exciting taking them home. I hope you're in contact with your local Premmie Playgroup... well we have them in Melbourne and they're just great.

    Best wishes