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Thread: I have just had my premmie baby 02-03-06

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    Lisa Woodford Guest

    Default I have just had my premmie baby 02-03-06

    My beautifull daughter \/ Zali Anique Woodford \/ was born 7 weeks premmie and has been in hospital 12 days. She was 2161kgs and 45.5cm long.

    She has had some ventalation and has had some feeding problem.

    If anyone has any information about premmie babies and for instance what's a corrected age? And the jargon used by the doctors and nurses I would love to hear what its all about.



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    Hi Lisa, congratulations on the birth of your daughter Zali .
    AFAIK corrected age is the age that our baby would have been had she been born at term. For example when your daughter is 14 weeks old her corrected age would be 7 weeks. I think they mainly use corrected age to measure milestones so that you don't have unreal expectations ie you might read that a baby will first smile a x number of weeks but in your daughters case it may be x weeks plus 7 before she can be expected to reach that milestone.

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    Firstly Congratulations =D> =D>
    Hi there, my twins were born at 33 weeks too, they were 2115, and 2110. They say by age 2 you wont know they were premmies, I think by about 1 they had caught up, and are now very normal 7 yr olds ( big for their age)
    They didnt have any breathing troubles, but had trouble with their temps, and were gavage fed 3 hrly. I expressed this for them. We had LOTS of feeding troubles, but by 5 months were BF comfortably which we continued until 14 months.

    What questions do you have about the things said?? Will try and answer.

    It will be Ok and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!!!

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    A huge congratulations to you!!!

    Let us know if you have any more questions. Congratulations again, what fantastic news you and bubs are doing so well.

    Feeding was the main obstacle I came across with Seren. It was hard to b/f because she was so prem, and the hospital weren't keen on her to take a bottle. Waiting for babies to learn the sucking reflex is one of the main things I think.

    Good luck xx

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    congratulations on the birth of your little girl! What a great weight she was too which is always good to hear especially with premmies!

    My son was 9 weeks early(1260grams) but he didnt catch up until he turned 3, though they 'say' they should have caught up by 2.. they're all different and some will be no different to term (my daughter was 5 weeks early and a whopping 2615hgrams but has done everything on time for her birth age, not corrected whereas my son was up to 10 MONTHS with milestones until he turned 3)

    Best of luck over the coming weeks and hopefully she is home with you very soon!

    Take care,

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    lindie Guest


    OMG Lisa,

    was wondering today where everyone in our BB april group is?

    Didnt know you had had your baby!!!!


    Mitch also had her baby early as did Jelliebean. Both babys were prem. Maybe you can keep in touch with them through the BB april group?

    Im having my C/s on thursday so will be also having my baby other than that I think thats about it so far!!!

    Again Congratulations I hope all is well with little ZALI, will have to post and let us in BB april know!!!!


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    Congratulations Lisa!!

    I hope things are progressing well for little Zali and her problems with the ventilation and feeding are improving.

    Like the girls have said, if you have any more questions, just ask!

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