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    Mar 2004
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    Kangaroo Care

    I think 'kangaroo care' was lovely when seren was very prem. It was so lovely to have that closeness back again. I thought it was very affective too in bonding, and with Seren's health too. Has anyone else found it beneficial?


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    Sep 2004
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    Absolutely! Emily loved her kangaroo cuddles, and the monitors showed they were great for her breathing and heart rate when she was a tiny dot, and it gave her a break from the discomfort of medical checks and procedures. It was also the best way to develop our attachment with our little baby while she was in hospital for 3 months.

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry for butting in guys, just wondered - what is Kangaroo Care?

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Sarah - its just cuddling a tiny prem baby, skin against skin, under your top. It helps them stay warm and helps regulate their heart and breathing while they are out of the humidicrib.

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    Nov 2004

    I loved Kangaroo Care with my twins. It was amazing how much their stats changed for the better when they were being held. There has been so many positive scientific studies done about kangaroo care and it has all been really positive.

    Even now, my two are 2 1/2 and when they are tired and grumpy etc. They come up and jump on my chest and nuzzle into me. They both go back to that position that i use to kanga them. They only difference now is that they weigh a hell of a lot more than they did back then!!!!

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    kirsty Guest

    I loved kangaroo care & so did James & like your Odette, when he is tired, upset or unwell that is the first way he will come to me for cuddles.

    We used to get a few strange looks from people when they came to visit & couldn't find James at first, until they looked in my top!!! Would have to say it helped us to create a great bond when he was so tiny & cuddles out of his humidicrib were precious.

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    karzii Guest

    i absolutely loved my kangaroo cuddles, so did Jarred, he thrived on them. His stats would be so much better while he was having them.
    I would always fall asleep with him there, we both just used to get so comfortable and snug and warm.

    Only thing that was bad well not bad but i dunno the word was Jarred was very very gassy when he was little. Used to stench out his humidicrib and would stink us out when he was in our shirts, Sometimes you would have to sit there holding your breath he was that bad, and your shirt would reak afterwards.

    But it was also good that when we went home we could smell him (not always the bad smells) on our shirts which used to be so good for me when i had to express at home.

    Its hard to think now him being 8 months (5 corrected) that he used to fit down my shirt.

    and yeah like kirsty i had so many people look at us closely to see we had him down our shirts.


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    kirsty Guest

    Kari I know what you mean about looking at them & wondering how they ever fit down your shirt!! Our little man is now almost 3yrs (his birthday is in August but he wasn't due until October) & I catch myself looking at him all the time & trying to remember how little he was ~ he was 3lb13oz or 1738g born ~ & lucky to fit in a "000000" & now he almost in a size 4. Had to love the smell of him on my shirt too, would go home smelling of him & missing him.