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Thread: some questions about MTHFR

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    Question some questions about MTHFR

    it's the frist time I post here, my story is I had a premi boy at 27weeks on Sep 2007, now I am pregannt again, as I had a premi baby history so the doctor did test my blood's DNA group, the result shows I have MTHFR problem in my blood.

    I just wondering is anyone has the similar situation as me? I am quite concerned about this as I never have any blood problem in my life and this one according doctor said it can cause high risk to miscarrage.

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    Hi Yalumm

    I have a MTHFR disorder. Thankfully though the only premature baby I had was Ashton, and he was only 4wks early. My first born stopped growing at 30wks gestation, and when my 2nd born started following the same path they ran blood tests and discovered then about the MTHFR. It was too late to do anythign about it then.

    When I fell pregnant with Ashton I was advise to take high levels of folate, b6, b12 and a daily aspirin tablet. is my story on it when i was first diagnosed.

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    Smile Hi Astrolady

    I am so glad to hear there is someone has the same problem as me as I am totally confused about this blood problem and I also feel scared about it when I first heard it from my doctor.

    My first boy came without any signs, That day I remembered I had my normal checking with MD and I felt I had something like contraction, but they put some machine on me and told me it is a fake one and let me went to work, around 3pm that day I felt pain, the pain like you have during your period and I thought it is not a good one then I cancelled all meeting for that afternoon went back to home, lucky I did that and lucky my my dad at home that day, he drived me to the hospital around 7pm and my boy born around 7:50pm, it is a very quickly delivery, just can't believe I did that even I saw my boy already out from me. he was so little and pink (only about 1.1kg). I still feel pain when I reback my memory now.

    I do not want my second one have the same as my first boy, I hope I can stay till atleast 37weeks, and I prepare to do anything if it will help me to hold my baby to be a full term baby.

    I am been taken charge by westmead hospital in Sydney, and the doctor suggested me to attend a trial test for change my inside progesterone, like I need to take a pill every day and the pill will improve my inside progesterone level, but because it is a trial test so I only can get 50% progesterone pill and another 50% will be pure sugar pill. I do not know you had that before or not and I am a little bit worried about it as it is only can be a trial. my husband and me just discussed a lot but still did not decide to do it.

    for the aspirin pill part, I just want to know whether you take the baby aspirin or just bought normal one to take as half?

    thanks anyway to share your story with me. Hope your family have a great day!

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    For the aspirin ask your doctor if he wants you to take it. He may not want you taking anything else if you are doing a trial.

    Goodluck with the trial

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