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Thread: What can i do to help?

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    Question What can i do to help?

    An old school friend has had a little boy and he was VERY early (28wks), i noticed on her FB not many people congratulated her and to be honest i had kind of missed the announcement myself.
    I have just left a msg on her facebook page saying CONGRATULATIONS, no matter the circumstances her little boy is here and he is fighting and that deserves to be recognised.

    What can i do to help her, she has 1 other child and they live 2hrs away, from her status updates they are coming to stay with her at Ronald McDonald House, we have not really been close since school but i know it must be so so hard for her being away from friends and family.
    I don't have a lot of money to help out but have offered that if she need me i might be able to take the girls into the city and catch up with her and maybe help keep her occupied.

    What else can i do?

    Please keep little Noah in your thoughts and prayers and fingers crossed his stay in hospital is over as quickly as possible.

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    That's really nice of you and yes congratulations are definatley in order! Sending a card would also be a nice gesture or you could have your girls paint or draw a picture to put on Noah's humicrib. If you knit or crochet you could do up some premmie beanies which would be inexpensive to make and send also.

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