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Thread: Which 2in1 (Pramette) out of these 5?

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    Default Which 2in1 (Pramette) out of these 5?

    Hi Everyone,
    I thought we had decided on a pram...but there are so many it's driving me nuts!
    The one 'must have' feature is we want pram to stroller (the lift out bassinet type), so it has to be a 2in1.
    We dont want to have to buy the bassinet option, we'd prefer all in one as the following are.
    The ones we are looking at are:
    Peg Perego Pramette
    Love N Care Adiva Sport
    Pe Perego Uno
    MacLaren Techno XT
    Valco Run ABout Tri-mode.
    Has anyone bought any of these?
    Which of these would you pick above the others, and why?
    Which brand out of these is the best quality in your opion also?

    Also, are any of these in the Choice Guide to Baby Products (either for good or bad reasons)?

    HELP!!! hehe

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    Im not much help - I saw your post the other day, but you can check out Choice online and it will tell you what is reviewed and then you can pay a small fee to view the report. HtH and good luck - prams are tricky! I have the Maclaren Quest - 3 mths + stroller and LOVE it so my vote would be for the Maclaren - I think Niliac has the Techno and loves it too- she mentioned it in a recent thread somewhere - I think it was Sarah_H's thread about prams. Although I havent really looked at the others so cant really comment! I would look for lightweight, easy to fold, easy to manouver, tyres that are sturdy if you will be walking quite alot and a good sized basket.

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