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Thread: 5 things you couldn't live without & 3 things you didn't need

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    Chalalan Guest

    Question 5 things you couldn't live without & 3 things you didn't need


    As a confused Mum-to-Be, I was looking at the Articles section for info on setting up a nusery and there are 2 articles that caught my eye:
    • 5 things Mums love
    • 3 things Mums dont need

    While the 5 things list is quite good, but still from a limited range of mums, the one for 3 things list has only one entry from 1 Mum. Could you lovely ladies do a bit of a refresh on what you found you couldn't live without and the things that you bought or were given but didn't need?

    I'm sure there are lots of us mums to be that find the whole setting up a nursery thing confusing! Save our sanity and our wallets and update here with your recommendations.

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    Ok 5 things I loved:

    1: When she was little- Burp rags, bibs just don't cut it for those big up chucks that most babies do once in a while!

    2: Bottle warmer (only cause bf wasn't as successful as I had hoped, so only if not bf)

    3: Microwave Steriliser, soooo much easier than boiling on the cook top.

    4: Dummies!! I hate dummies, but they have been a god send! DD wouldn't take one for a few weeks, but now loves them, LOL!

    5: Music light show thingy (they go on the cot). When she was smaller, DD would lay in her cot for the whole 10 mins it played and watch, sometimes I even got 20mins out of her and it would also occcaisionally put her to sleep. She still watches it sometimes, though won't go to sleep with it anymore .

    3 things I didn't need:

    1: Wraps. DD would only stay wrapped for about six weeks before figuring out how to get out of them, even the big ones...Now I have two drawers full of the and I don't use them.

    2: Baby bath. Besides the fact that DD only fitted in it for about 6wks, it was just such a hassle to fill it and drain it, even though it had a hose thingy to the bath.

    3: Walker, DD hates it!

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    5 things I loved:
    1. high change-table (so I don't need to bend over)
    2. LOTS of wraps - ds loved being wrapped for months.
    3. nappy disposal bin (many people find this un-necessary, but we found it made life so much easier)
    4. rocker/bouncinette (so handy for putting ds in when having a shower, ours had a vibration function and he loved lying in it in the bathroom)
    5. the book "Wonder Weeks" - really calmed me down to know all babies and mums go through the same stages.

    3 things we didn't need:
    1. Baby Bjorn - hurt my back so I didn't use it much. This time am getting a sling instead.
    2. Bassinette - only used it as we got it free, but really ds could have just gone straight into his cot.
    3. too many newborn clothes. I bought heaps then got lots given to us so we ended up with many outfits never being worn.

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    Not sure that I have replied to this one before so I'll have a go here

    Things I couldn't live without:
    1. A packet of flanelette flat nappies to use as chuck rags, line the change table when I used it and for nappy off time.
    2. Sleeping bags.
    3. Bodysuits.
    4. Cordless phone.
    5. Gorgeous teddy that plays classical music called Brainy Baby.

    Things I could do without:
    1. Change table because I ended up doing most changes on the floor (under a flanny flat nappy )
    2. Big bulky pram.
    3. Baby shoes. Socks were enough!

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    5 things i love:

    1. hab for when ds was first born, wore it to parties, out to dinner, everywhere!
    2. ergo carrier- using it right now- best settling technique i've got!
    3. breasfeeding pillow- puts ds at exactly the right height to feed properly. really helped me when i was establishing bfing.
    4. bonds wondersuits- awesome!
    5. rainforest swing- great for when i'm making dinner or something.

    could have lived without:
    1. cot- we've been co-sleeping since ds was born, cot has not been touched yet!
    2. size 000 clothing- lasted all of two weeks. i've still got stuff with the tag on

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    5 things I couldnt live without:
    - Dummy
    - Grobags
    - Electric steraliser
    - Formula dispenser for going out and about
    - FP rainforest gym

    3 things I didnt need:
    - Baby bath. We used the kitchen sink and now the normal bath.
    - Bought too many cute but way too impractical clothing
    - Same as raven with the pram, a stroller is so much easier

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    things I needed
    1. Terry squares, used as spew towels. She went through a really spewy stage where she'd do a huge spew after or during each feed.

    2. Sleeping bag - she hate having a sheet/blanket over her so sleeping bag was great in winter. We also got one with holes in it for the pram straps and it always kept her nice and warm in the pram.

    3. Baby carrier . We had a babybjorn, but I think any carrier would have been so handy for when she was grumpy and wanted to be held for long periods, or if I wanted to go for a quick walk without getting the pram out.

    4. Rocker - good for when she was grumpy and wanted to be rocked and my arms were sore. She also slept in it during the day for a while. She would also get grumpy if I was hving a shower and she wasnt in the bathroom too, so I'd pop her in the rocker and sing to her while I was in the shower and she'd just smile and laugh at me.

    5. Wraps. She liked being wrapped till about 5-6 months and we also used them as play-mats for when we were out at someones house.

    6. Nappy sacks. Very handy for when we were out and Claire did a monster poo that was hard to contain in the nappy.

    things I could have done without
    1. baby bath. She got too wiggly for it really quickly, and there would be water absolutely everywhere, so we just ended up using the big bath. I still do use the baby bath but we only use it as a toy - I take it outside and put water in it and them put some floaty toys into the water.

    2. Shoes. I cant see the point in wearing shoes if she isnt walking. Socks were fine to keeep her feet warm.

    3. Suits that do up at the back, or the ones that only have two or three buttons at the top. I found these types of outfits sooo impossible to get on her. When she was newborn, the easiest outfits I had for her were wondersuits.

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    5 things I couldn't live without:

    1. Good pram - spend a bit extra to get the perfect one!
    2. Nappy Wrapper Bin - although i don't use it now for DD, it was the best present for before she was walking.
    3. Bouncer - great when you need time to cook or just go to the toilet without a crying baby!
    4. Change table/bath centre - although I didn't use the bath for long, it was great while DD was small enough for it as we have a corner spa and its just too big! The change table is definatley a godsend for your back!
    5. Burb cloths - I bought a packet of flanelette nappies and they were great actually the best, not only for burbing bub but my DD was quite chuckie, and we used to put one folded up under her head in her bassinette/cot or when she was on the floor.... saved many, many loads of washing!

    3 things I didn't use

    1. Neutral clothes - once we knew she was a girl, she was in nothing but pink!
    2. Bassinette - ended up putting her in her cot at around 2 weeks!
    3. BF rocking chair... I didn't buy ine, but friends that have never use it...

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    5 things I couldn't do without

    5. Camera - thank God for digital
    4. Change table
    3. Cot with babyhood mossie net - keeps the cat out of the bed too.
    2. Condoms - I like my children close in age but not that close!
    1. Rocker - Portable, great for having next to the bath/shower when you have a wet baby and a toddler. So many uses.

    3 things I could do without

    3. Baby bath - too heavy, my big babies outgrew them in about 4 weeks.
    2. Bassinette - outgrew too fast. A portacot is a much better investment.
    1. Baby lotions - they don't really need them

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    5 things:
    - old flanny nappies for chuck rugs, with a refluxer they were essential
    - bassinette that fitted the jogger stroller. Angus slept in it for months, was fabulous out and about and easy to put in stroller for walks etc
    - musical mobile, still excellent even now as Angus enjoys turning the music on for himself in the morning
    - lots of wraps
    - radio to keep me going for those long long night feeds

    3 things
    - fancy newborn clothes, only wore some of them once. one outfit would have done, the rest in wondersuits
    - cheapo dodgy socks, they never stayed on Angus' legs, the Bonds ones were ok
    - tiny knitted things from rellies with ribbons on, look lovely but terrible to get on and so much washing with a reflux baby

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    5 Things I Couldn't Live Without

    1. Wraps (DD soon associated wrapping with sleeping and that became a sleep cue - she started smiling when she saw the wrap coming out)
    2. Bassinette on the pram (meant DD could be wheeled anywhere in the house and she was never in a different room to me for the first two months - I think that helped her understand the difference between day (interesting, noisy, best not sleep for TOO long) to night (nothing happens, boring, might as well sleep)
    3. Cloth square nappies for mopping up spew.
    4. DVDs (only highlight of days when I couldn't walk because of pregnancy-related condition).
    5. Sense of humour

    Three Things I Shouldn't Have Bought
    1. I didn't buy one but I think change tables are sooooo overrated for the money. At least don't get one that is ONLY a change table. Either get a change mat (about $30 from Kmart) and put it on top of a chest of drawers or buy a chest of drawers with a change table on top.
    2. Expensive toys - I bought a Lamaze swivel tummy gym thingy and Baby Einstein this, that and the other. DD couldn't care less - happier playing with the scoop out of her formula, paper bags and wooden blocks. Or trying to pull out mummy's hair!
    3. Cradle (because we have the bassinette from the pram).

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    1. Definitely a really good pram. I did lots and lots of walking and while I had a great time, my friend with a cheap stroller didn't!

    2. Grobags - fantastic! DD was wrapped right from the start but by 4 weeks was in a grobag with only her arms wrapped. Grab her out for a feed and she stayed nice and warm, and didn't have to fuss with tucking blankets in around her.

    3. Walker. When DD got to about 4.5 months she could sit, but not unassisted and was frustrated with lying down all the time. I could put her in the walker and she had back support so she could sit up and be happy playing with all the toys on it while I cooked dinner, did washing etc.

    4. Flannel nappies for spew rags and change table covers. Cheap, plentiful, and meant I could maybe get through an hour or so without having to change my own clothes!

    5. Baby Bjorn/Ergo/Ring sling - invaluable to keep a reflux baby upright and therefore not screaming while allowing you to actually get something done.


    1. Bassinet for pram. Cost almost $300 I think and DD was in it twice - reflux made it impossible for her to lie flat.

    2. Clothes with buttons on the back. Uncomfortable for DD to lie on, and a pain to dress/undress - especially for DH who thought if he couldn't see a button right in front of his face it didn't exist!!

    3. Too many blankets - I really only needed a lightweight and then warmer blanket for the pram, one in the car and then a couple for her cradle and then cot. I had something like 18 blankets of different sizes and I never used most of them.

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    5 Great things...

    1. My pram...our most expensive purchase but the best (Red Castle Shop nJogg)

    2. Muslin wraps...used to wrap DD for sleeping and to protect clothes when winding!

    3. Change table...saves your back - I wish I had got one with cupboards underneath instead of being open as DD is mobile now and whenever she's playing in her nursery she pulls everything off the bottom!

    4. All in one suits...the best and easiest thing to dress new babies in...forget the fancy stuff.

    5. Baby nail clippers...I use them at least once a week.

    3 things I didn't need...

    1. Lotions & potions...I thought I needed it all - stick to the basics!

    2. Too many clothes

    3. need until they're walking.

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    Chalalan Guest

    Default Great stuff! Keep them coming!!

    Fantastic replies ladies, keep them coming!

    Thanks from a grateful Mum-to-Be!

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    5 things couldn't live without:

    • flannel nappies for burp cloths
    • nappy wrapper...always thought these were a waste of money, but absolutely love mine!
    • grobags
    • swing...Felix sleeps in his during the day
    • dummy

    3 things could have given a miss:

    • too many baby blankets
    • wondersuits...really didn't like these much!
    • baby monitor

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    1. Angel care baby breathing monitor is by far the best thing!!. i really had trouble sleeping because i was constantly checking on him all the time the whole time he was sleeping. sometimes waking him up when i placed my hand on his chest.. lol

    2. portable bouncer. he loves being bounced while looking at mummy and daddy

    3. growbag... ds HATES being wrapped and would kick any covers off within 2 seconds

    4. sights and sounds portable music player.. he loves it and it is a sleep cue for him now.

    5. dummy.. a dummy for us is a god send!

    things i could do without:

    1. wraps. ds hates being wrapped

    2. feeding pillow.. (its still in the plastic)

    3. all the soft toys everyone bought him.. there is about 100 of them and we have no where to put them.

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    Ohhh good! I need a memory refresh too! I'll see if I can remember.

    5 Things I couldn't live without:

    1. Dummies: I was adamant I wasn't going to use a dummy, but bub was a comfort sucker, and life just became much easier!
    2. Ocean Wonders Aquarium & CD player with 'Music for dreaming' cd: The music was a good sleep-time cue, and if I left bub in a dark room he'd fret sometimes - the lights on the toy gave him something to watch, and by the time it turned off, he was settled. He still plays with it at 17 months (when he hasn't worn out the batteries from constant pressing!).
    3. Glider chair: I probably could have lived without this, but I really enjoyed putting my feet up and rocking during feeds/settling - I was comfy enough to nap too! Also having somewhere comfy to sit while helping bub to self settle (or just somewhere to sit while watching him sleep ).
    4. Baby rocker with vibration: Great to have somewhere for him to be if he was awake when I needed to be doing something like cooking/showering - he just wanted to be able to see me.
    5. My mum/dh/family/friends: Cooked meals and brought frozen ones over, came and did dishes and washing, watched bub while I napped, did a night feed so I could sleep through. ASK for help, don't let people visit without doing a job 'yeah you can see the baby, and can you bring milk, bread, and 4 cans of tinned soup on the way?' Seriously, do it.
    6. (I know you said 5 BUT) Digital Camera: They grow and change SOOO quickly at the start, have it always charged, always out, always on hand ready to go. They'll never be that little again.

    3 Things I didn't need:
    1. Baby monitor - I didn't buy one, was meaning to, but bub's room was near ours, and I didn't count on developing 'mother ears', where I heard every snuffle and sigh.
    2. Booties/rubbish socks: Some socks are great and stay on - most fall off. When you find socks you like (bonds usually are good), get them.
    3. 0000 clothing: Bub was 9.4 lb, so lots didn't fit even from birth! My advice is to get one or two things in that size, and if bub is small enough, send mum or dh to the shops with that item and say 'get more of these'.

    I reckon perhaps research even the things you might not be intending to buy (things like glider chairs, feeding cushions, baby carriers, dummies, monitors, change tables, baby baths, cradle/bassinet) - so that if you decide after bub is born that you want/need something, you can just send someone else out with all the information - and say 'come home with this chair' or 'I want these dummies'. Rather than wondering what the best ones are when bub is 2 weeks old, or spending ages browsing/shopping yourself!

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    Couldn't live without
    (Much the same as everyone else!)
    -Jumpsuits..DD lived in these for the first few months! (easy to change, and throw into the wash), and now uses them as pjs.
    -Bouncer that vibrates..DD slept in this all day for the first 3 months.
    -Muslin wraps (but not TOO many, probably about 6 was plenty for us. And I found it best to get the thicker, better quality ones rather then the cheapies).
    -Bassinette..I absolutely LOVED having DD sleeping right beside my bed every night for the first 4 months. We had a 'moses basket' style one which I hated at first but in the end it was great as we could rock her..Plus it was just so comforting having her close and easy for night feeds.
    -Chuck towels/cloth nappies..Great for a spewy baby (I had just one packet of maybe 8 towels but definitely should have bought more to help with all the messes!)

    Things we could do without
    -Baby blankets..People always give you them and you only need a couple not hundreds! I especially hated the polar fleece ones, they just don't breathe for the bub.
    -Fancy smancy clothes for little babies (ie. Under 4 months)..We have so many that were never even touched.
    -Toys for a newborn (and teddies etc)..What newborn plays with toys! hehe Save your money and get them later..and we have been given SOOOO many teddies.

    Happy baby shopping everyone!

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