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    Hi all

    Just looking for a bit if advice, i need something that is appropriate for a 4 month old as a bath aid. DH usually baths or showers with DS but he is going away for a week and I cannot bath DS at the moment on my own and he will be a bit stinky if I wait for DH to get home to bath him!!

    He is quite a big baby at 8kg and my back gets very sore if I try and support him in the bath, in fact it is impossible! We do have a baby bath which i could put on the kitchen counter but then I have to carry it with all the water in it which is probably just as heavy. He is also too big (and wiggly) to fit in the sink. Iv seen a few bath seats in the shops, would these be appropriate for a four month old? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Hi Isabel - I have an almost 5 month old and I use a ramp made of terry toweling in the baby bath. You can get them from Target for about $14 ish and they are great. The ramp is plastic and you can just slide the towel (which makes the ramp) off for washing. (Hope my description makes sense!) My DD loves lying on the ramp and splashes away and whilst I don't take my eyes away from her for a second she can lie there completely unaided. Only thing I'm not sure of is weight capacity as my DD is only just over 5kg - I'm sure it would be fine though!! Hope that hopes!

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    I used something simlar to what Justine described, but still found I needed to support DS when he was in there. Im a little over 6ft tall so I hear you on the sore back when bathing.
    WE found that we could put the baby bath on the dining table, empty. then fill it using a jug/bucket etc, somthing that would no be too heavy to transport to and from the bath. WE also got a baby bath that had a plastic hose and plug, so that you could then drain the water out of the bath in to a bucket and put it on the garden or whatever. It wason ly around $20 I think.

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