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Thread: Baby Bjorn carrier (2nd hand) or something else???

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    Default Baby Bjorn carrier (2nd hand) or something else???

    I've read all the old posts here about carriers, and had been leaning towards an ergo (even tho the infant insert is apparently a bit fiddly)... mainly cos it seemed to do for longer... and DH is a big hulking fellow and will cart bubba boy around quite happily. Plus we regularly go to a doggy playtime session, so this carrier should get quite regular usage (doggies are all big, so i'd rather bubba boy was up high - on 6"4' of spunky DH )

    BUT, I've just run into someone with an unused Baby Bjorn Air Carrier... happy to sell it to me for $70. So even though I might want/need something that suits bigger bubbas later on, guess i'm wondering if it's worth grabbing it at that price and using it initially anyways!

    Love to hear your thoughts! TIA!

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    Mmm I'm not stalking your threads I promise!! Hun if you are going to invest in an Ergo anyway I would put the $70 towards that. Thing is - you can pick up Baby Bjorns cheap on ebay on any given day of the week - check them out - and they sell as new for around $60ish with postage so you will be able to get one for that price if you decide to get one anyway.

    Thing is with the BB - bubs hangs down rather than sitting like they do in an Ergo so it can be bad for their little spines. Having said that we used a Ryco one similar to a BB - it killed my back but DH used it heaps before we realised there were better ones out there. I am making a HAB (SUPER easy and will cost about $15!! and probably getting a Mei Tei carrier - I tried on the Ergo and I have a small frame and I felt swamped by it - coming up to summer I don't want to be too hot and that was before bubby was in it!
    Also google and check out, Pikkolos, Baby Hawks and Mei Teis, Wrigglebots (I think it's Mel who is a BB MPM) has a few of these that you can order and she is in Cranbourne I think.
    JMO - Hope it helps!

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    I used a Baby Bjorn in the early days with my DS, but he got so heavy that it killed my shoulders (I even tried the Active version and it made NO difference). Once he got to 4 months old I bought an Ergo, that way I didn't need to buy the infant insert. I LOVE the Ergo and would recommend it to everyone!

    I have a pre-loved baby goods business so I am fortunate to be able to test drive lots of different carriers, so cost wasn't an issue for me when using the Baby Bjorn for the first 4 months. If you do buy the Air carrier you could always sell it again on eBay and get your money back.

    If I had another bub, I would still use the Baby Bjorn in the beginning because I reckon the infant insert on the Ergo looks fiddly and I've heard of some people who hated using it.

    Anyway, that's my rambling opinion and I'm sure it didn't help you one bit LOL!

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    Belfie - my 20 cents worth

    I had a BB carrier with DS - but he was 4.125kg born and quickly got to a weight it was easier to use something else. Used it with DD but hated it - all the clips and clasps peeved me off.

    I am going with a sling this time around - for ease of getting in and out of car quickly doing school/preschool/child care drop-offs etc. You can get slings cheap on e-bay second hand, so even if you went that way and got the Ergo w/o baby insert - otherwise you spend 10 minutes just trying to get bubs in at the shops ....

    We have also got a backpack which is great for longer walks, hiking etc - the kids have loved it too - but of course for when they are a bit bigger!!

    So many decisions isn't there!!

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    I really didn't want a BB due to all the reasons but was given a 'hand-me-down' from my SIL. I have used it a few times while shopping as it was easier to get on than my wrap. I made the wrap myself and have used it a bit, mainly when he is unsettled at home, but I do keep it in the bottom of the pram in case he is unsettled when we are out. He is starting to find it a bit restrictive though. I am tempted by the Ergo and pikkolo, will decide down the track. I am not a huge baby wearer but when am out shopping or for quick trips I prefer to have my bub snuggled against me than out in a trolley. HE may soon decide he wants out though. I don't like the idea of slings, they may be very comfy but I think I might find it strains my back, shick I do have problems with occassionally.

    You can always sell the BB on Ebay if you don't like it. I think you can hire ergos to 'try before you buy' so this may be an option too

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    I love my baby bjorn so does my DD - always cheers her up when I oull it out if she is having a grumpy day. Its especially good because she can face outwards now that she is a bit bigger. Admitedly I haven't tried any other carrier, but I would recommend it in a flash

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