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    Default Baby blankets

    We live in Brisbane and the weather is still quite warm till April/May.
    Our baby is due end of Feb/early March this year.

    I have bought a Winnie the Poo blanket but its one of those fleecy ones (so I guess the climate is too hot for it)...

    I want to get a blanket that is for the warmer months - what about those ones with the holes in it?

    I also have a duvet but its not recommended till 12 months of age.

    Im thinking of a sleeping bag or a blanket.

    Any Queenslander mum's out there who can give me some advice! I don't want to overheat him or keep him cold.


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    Congrats on your Pregnancy!

    We live in brisbane and I find it so hard to work out what to put on bubs or what to dress him in for sleeping!

    We have those fleece blankets but only really use them if its really cool! I would suggeest getting 100% cotton balnket to use! We always have a sheet on DS and then a cotton blanket!

    Dont know if this helps or makes sense sorry!
    Best of luck with your pregnancy!

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    Hi there,

    ....Target & Big W sell what's called "Cotton Thermal Blanket" for adults.... Yes, the one with the holes in it that you mentioned. So, I'm guessing they would have a baby one to fit the bassinette.

    Just ordinary cotton blankets can still be too warm & thick on bub.

    Yeh, get the one with holes in it, so bub's little body can breath through the hot nights.

    Or use a thin cotton biggish size bunny blanket (wrap), enough to tuck into the sides of bassinette.

    ENJOY the rest of your magical pregnancy journey

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    On hot days we don't use a blanket at all - just a cot sheet to anhor her down (that sounds awful!). DD wears a grobag (summer one) and then we wrap her in muslin and use a sheet. If it's really hot she doesn't wear clothes - just nappy. We just have to play it by ear each night but she hasn't used a blanket for a few weeks now.

    Oh and we have those target holey ones and they're sooo nice!

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    I'm in Perth, not Brisbane but still blo*dy hot!!

    I swear by sleeping bags, and have 0.5 tog and 1 tog bags for my DD and they're brilliant. Otherwise, the cotton cellular blankets with the holes in them are equivalent to about 0.5 tog. You might find though depending on your nursery temperature that you really only need to wrap your new bubby in a light muslin wrap, and then tuck him in with another muslin wrap. For a new baby I think if you have a few muslins to use as well as a cellular blanket you'll be covered whatever the temperature.

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