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Thread: Baby carrier??

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    Default Baby carrier??

    Just wondering what the best baby carrier's are to get??
    Baby Bjorn is way out of our price range. DP and i were looking at the Tomy Safari/freestyle baby carriers...has any one used them? How did they find them?
    Are there any other reccomendations?

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    Hey Meg, i was given a Tomy Safari by my SIL havent had a chance to use it yet too scared Sophie will fall out, i would be interested in opinions also.

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    Hi, we started off with a Hug a bub (or a cheaper alternative wrap style sling - google it you'll find heaps) which we found a life saver in the first 3 mths however after that she disliked it. We used it facing out and on the hip which was better. We then found the Ergo which I am now in love with.

    things to look for -
    flexibility facing in, out hip
    how easy it is to use
    how it distributes weight (2 shoulders are better then one)
    ability to breastfeed
    good support for babies posture and yours

    with DS I used a ring sling and it was great also. The only one I haven't liked so far is the kapoochi just becasue it was hard to kget him out without waking him

    HTH :-)

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    Baby bjorn was out of our price range too but I looked really hard and tried on heaps of different ones at the baby shop. The lady was really helpful and pionted out things with some of them that may have been a bit cheaper but would've made them uncomfortable to wear and such. we ended up getting an 'Infantino" and I was really happy with it. It's got wide jelly like straps so it doesn't hurt your shoulders and is pretty easy to get on and off. I should piont out that when I tried all off these carriers I had ds with me coz I waited until he was a few weeks old or so. I don't remember exactly how much it was but I have a feeling it was about $60 or $80 so pretty middle of the range.
    Maybe check out ebay or the quokka too coz they often have good ones reasonably priced and you should be able to check them out before buying.

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