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Thread: Baby Jogger City Elite vs Baby Jogger City Select

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    Default Baby Jogger City Elite vs Baby Jogger City Select


    Is there someone who knows a bit about these prams and can tell me what the main differences are?

    - I am hoping for a pram that I can use from newborn onwards...with a more lightweight umbrella stroller to come much later on. We are fine with having to purchase a bassinet to go with the pram for early days.

    - I like the idea of being able to change which way the baby faces (towards mum or dad or towards the world) but I'm not sure how important this is as this will be our first ... I think with one of these Baby Joggers you can't have the baby facing mum or dad.

    - We do a fair bit of outdoor walking - on concrete or packed dirt (Melbourne Bayside dirt tracks along the beach) - and very little indoor walking.

    - We would be taking the pram in and out of the boot of the car a fair bit - but our boot is pretty big.

    - I'd like to think that at some point we will have baby #2 so that could be a factor although given the reality of our difficulties in getting pregnant, I'm not sure if I should rank this that highly on the list of "pram musts".

    I don't mind spending a bit on a sturdy, well made pram if it is one that will last and that we will be happy with - but I am afraid of spending a lot only to realize that it's the wrong one.


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    I don't know these prams sorry, but just thought I'd check if you've looked into a Mountain Buggy? We have one and they are AWESOME for dirt paths etc.

    You can't have baby facing you in a MB though- only when they are very little if you use a bassinet. This hasn't bothered us as we use a baby carrier for walks with baby anyway and once older my son loves looking out in the pram.

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    I think the main difference is that the city elite has the seat and frame as one piece so you can't remove the seat to turn it to face you. The city select has the removable seat that you can turn to face you and you can use a bassinet fitting or a car capsule with it. Plus the city select has the option of a second seat (very flexible - you can use any combination of 2 car capsules, 2 bassinets and 2 regular seats). Personally, I love love LOVE the look of the city select but that's because I have a thing for prams that seat 2 since I struggled so much to find a pram I liked for my twins. if you do want a pram that will take a toddler seat, definitely go for this over the city elite.
    I think the basket underneath the city select is probably a bit more accessible than the city elite as well. have you looked at the city mini? I think this one looks pretty good too - it has the extra large canopy so you don't have to worry about sun.
    good luck deciding. I love baby jogger prams! I think they are an awesome brand.

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