thread: Baby Love Meteor Travel System. Thoughts?

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    Aug 2008
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    Baby Love Meteor Travel System. Thoughts?

    I'm starting to think about strollers/car seats and would like some advice. I've lived in the States for 6 years where we were spoiled with a range of carseats, and what I'm after doesn't seem to exist here. I would like a capsule that you can take out of the car and clip it straight into the stroller without waking bubs. So far the only one I've found that does that is the Baby Love Metor Travel System.

    Has anyone used this? Does anyone have any thoughts? Does anyone know of any other travel systems that are similar?

    Also, does anyone know how long you can use the capsule part? The stroller says "suitable for children up to 20kg", but I can't find anything on the capsule. I'd love some help.

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    Safe n sound and steel craft do some, if you google britax and go to the australian site you can look at them. I use the unity capsule and the profile stroller and love it the capsule for that one goes to 12kilos.

    From looking at the babylove one the capsule goes to 9 kilos.

    If you go to a baby shop most let you play with them. I did and I choose the unity as it went to 12 kilos.

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    I spent ages researching travel systems (and getting quite frustrated!) and this is what I found:

    - the Safe n Sound Unity Capsule is made to fit the Profile stroller
    - there is a Cruiser capsule that is made to fit the Cruiser stroller (I think this may be exclusive to Target)
    - there is also a capsule that is made to fit the Strider stroller

    Peg Perego: there is a Peg capsule that fits all of their strollers

    Babylove you have already found

    Then there are certain strollers you can buy a car seat adaptor for, that will enable the stroller to take a Unity or Peg capsule. You can do this for Baby Jogger, and I think Bugaboo and Quinny.

    I thought they were all pretty good systems. In the end for me it came down to which stroller I preferred.

    Hope that helps!

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    Aug 2008
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    Thanks so much girls. I am off to have fun researching, now that I have some directions to head in/thoughts to play with. I may call on you again though...