Hi all,

I am 8 months pregnant, can't remember weeks bit depressing, due around mid April.(anyway) I was wondering if anyone could tell me, did they have a baby shower for their 3rd baby, and if so, who threw it.

I was thinking of getting a few GF together and say lets go out for dinner/coffee (but I don't drink) and have a good old gossip. Or should I have backyard BBQ with DP, and all our friends to celebrate the upcoming birth of our baby.

It will also give me the opportunity to tell people I don?t want visitors at the hospital. They can come visit at home when we get their. I want to get as must rest before I take new baby home to DP and 2 children who I know will be full-on/hands-on.

Also DP is not taking time off work, as he business owner and farmer and can?t. Maybe he could get home early to help, and a day here and their, but I doubt I will get much rest at home.

Anyway would like some suggestions on what I should do. I am going out of mind, so I need to plan something.