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Thread: Budgetting for Baby

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    For the question... Does anyone have any advice for things they had to suddenly buy that they hadn't thought of?

    I would suggest to think of your car. I've got just under 9 weeks to go and we've just realised that our hatchback isn't going to be very practical for getting a newborn in and out of the car!! Now we're madly searching around for a new car!!

    And with the comment about stocking up on baby products, yes I can see that would mean less expense later but maybe buy Woolworths gift vouchers or something instead because up until recently I was working in child care and IMO, I wouldn't suggest buying in bulk baby bath/lotion type products including wipes until you know how sensitive your child's skin is going to be.

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    I got a great change pad for travel/shopping from BigW, it was about $6 and folds up compactly and holds a nappy and small pkt of wipes... will look up the brand for you and get back later...

    As a general rule I lived on ebay and bought nearly all our baby stuff for DS#1 online... MUCH MUCH CHEAPER

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