thread: Car Seat Questions.....

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    Jun 2006
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    Car Seat Questions.....

    Hi Everyone,

    I just need your help with my car seat. DH's grandparents bought us the car seat which was very nice of them .

    Its a Safe and Sound Kindergarten that is convertible for newborn to child seat.

    DH and I tried to put it in the car over the weekend and it didn't seem all that stable and it didn't seem to sit all that flat either?? I had it reclined all the way down but it didn't lock into place which I thought was a bit weird. Am I doing something wrong?

    Do I need to get someone professional to put the car seat in for me? My car comes with the anchor points all ready to go, I just need to clip it on.....

    Very confused and not sure what to do!!


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    Feb 2005
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    ask where they bought it from and go to that store and ask them to come have a look.. Or go to your local ambo's and see if they can fit it for you

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    Jul 2006

    You can roll up some small towel or cloth nappies to place under the car seat for stabilisation. You can also contact the RACQ (or similar) or ambulance to have it installed.

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    May 2008

    isn't it surprising how much the car seats move around?!? i couldnt believe it when we put ours in.. thats just the way the are. but i would still get it checked out. put it in yourselves then maybe just run it past your local mechanic or something to check it out. just for your peace of mind.

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    Mar 2009

    If it moves around, it is poorly designed or incorrectly installed...

    Installation is the key to actaly enjoying safety for your child - try the Ambulance to check the install....