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    So I'm thinking of building a change table...

    Was just wondering about the wooden change tables with drawers/cupboards and how much they actually cost to buy to see if its worth the work or not! I think it'll cost about $150-$200 and a good 4 days to make. Worth it or should I try to get one sent up here (dont have a lot to choose from here at the moment, most of them are plastic shelf ones)


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    Build it!

    I got a timber one second hand for nothing, but pfffffft, whatever, that is NOTHING compared to being able to pour the love into building something gorgeous and just to your specs for your little one. I love home-made stuff, I think it sounds a million times better than anything you could ever buy.

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    Thanks Audax, it will be good to have one made to the sizes i want...

    Wondering about using power tools tho, I will wear earplugs and a dust mask but is there any chance of damaging bubs hearing at this stage, or risk with lifting things? I really want to do alot of it myself as i have spare time and dont want DH to have to do the whole lot. Good work for you on getting one for nothing!! Hand-me-downs are fantastic hey...

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    Build it!!! Awesome idea and something you'll be able to share with bubba for years to come!

    DH is a tradie so I was often around tools when he worked around the house when I was pregnant. The only thing that upset bub was when he used a nail gun. She just about leapt out of my stomach, so I went inside, away from the noise. But the drill didn't seem to have any effect, but then I wasn't using myself either.

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