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Thread: Does ANYBODY live in Carnegie??

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    Default Does ANYBODY live in Carnegie??

    I looked at a really great pram in a store called "Baby Island" in Carnegie and I was wondering if anyone has seen it and what you thought of it? It is the Red one that comes with the seat and bassinet for $329. It's listed on thier E-Bay store under Outdoor Happiness. I really love it but I can't find any reviews anywhere? There's no real brand name it just has "Star" embroidered on the bassinet cover and that's it. Pleeeeease let me know if you know any information, good or bad. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks PB

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    sorry PB - i used to live just across dandenong road in east malvern and walked past baby island lots of times but never went in

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    Could it be the Rockstar infinity pram which is endorsed by Jon Bon Jovi? It looks very similar?

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    No it's not the Bon Jovi one but it looks similar? The Bon Jovi one is actually cheaper on the net.....

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