thread: Which Electric Breast Pump is best?

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    Dec 2008

    Which Electric Breast Pump is best?

    I was thinking of getting a breast pump and I have heard the manual ones take ages so have been recommended the electric one.
    I was planning on breast feeding, however, was going to pick up a few bottles so DH can do a few feeds as well.

    I was going to use the Avent ones, but recently was recommended the Tommee Tippee - Close to Nature ones.

    Does anyone have any recommendations / suggestions?

    Many Thanks in advance.

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    Jul 2007

    Medela pumps are very good, can get mini electric or can buy lactaset that is manual pump but can connect to hired elect medela pump.

    Lots of people swear by avent.

    I personally couldnt express very much at all yet had plenty of milk as DS thriving, i hired an elect medela throught ABA.

    You can also hand express, I have a friend who could sxpress more by hand than with a pump.

    Good luck I reccommend joining ABA for support and discounts.

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    Mar 2008
    In my own twisted little universe

    i love my medela swing gentle and quick!!!

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    May 2009

    The Ameda Purely Yours is excellent.

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    Nov 2007
    Southwest Syd

    I have the Medela pump in style advance for double pumping (I pump full time) I have heard not so great things about the smaller Medela pumps except for the Swing. Its meant to be good for a single pump.

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    Sep 2007
    South Gippsland

    i love my medela swing gentle and quick!!!
    I second this, I loved my medela swing for the time that i used it. Gentle quick and oh so portable.

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    Mar 2007

    I second this, I loved my medela swing for the time that i used it. Gentle quick and oh so portable.
    :yeahthat: !!! I have this pump its AWESOME!

    Started with the Medela Mini electric but found it pretty [email protected] in comparison!

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    I also recommend the Medela Swing! Its on special at Baby Bunting at the moment with a free bag that has four bottles, an ice pack and an insultated bag. Awesome for expressing while out and about!

    It also takes batteries which is great if you need to express in random places without power points (eg the toilet at a restaurant, yes I have done it!) and its quiet too, which is also perfect for odd places!

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    Jul 2006

    Childondaway, it really depends on how much expressing you'll be doing. If you are doing lots of expressing, say for a premmie or returning to work, then it's worthwhile getting (or hiring) a good electric pump. For odd feeds, a manual or mini-electric should be fine.

    WRT to having your DH do some feeds, most of us plan to do this before the baby arrives, but the reality is that it often doesn't work so well. Getting bfing established takes some time, and trying to work out expressing as well makes it really tough. By the time you have to express and wash bottles etc, it really is more time and effort than just feeding. And especially in the first weeks, you will be really full and uncomfortable if you miss a feed, so you won't be able to rest anyway and will most likely have to express so you might as well have fed. Partners can help out in so many other ways - maybe changing the nappy and brining baby to you at feed time so you don't have to get up, and many dads like to do the bath also and this is a great chance for bonding.

    If you don't have a need to express due to premmie baby or returning to work early, I would hold off on buying the pump and bottles until after you have bfing established (at least 6 weeks) and then see how you feel.

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    Oct 2007
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    I love my Ameda Purely Yours double Electric too It si a fabulous pump and it is the most used in the area I come from, especially for mums of Prems and those requiring long term use.

    Spent many hours attached to my pump, but I too would only recommending purchasing one if there was a definite need (DD was 7 weeks early I was expressing for a long time until she could efficiently bf herself) still express now while working, if she doesn't feed as per normal (mostly as I get blockages very easily) and when the need arises.

    I hired one a few months until one of my prem friends decided to sell hers so I bought it with a heap of extras (storage cups, carry bag, bottles etc) for $200, retail closer to $400, we agreed on a price that was similar to what the equivalent were selling on EBAY at the time.

    It can be quite stressful worrying about how much you express, after being down that path myself I wouldn't want others to stress unnecessarily. Maybe it is best to continue with your reserach now, but hold off from making the big purchase until it becomes more of a need.


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    Mar 2008

    hi, i have the avent isis electric pump..... my mil bought it for me when i had huge cracks and wasnt sure if i was going to continue b/feeding. i couldnt get it to work in the early weeks as i was so stressed about etting it to work, but i have expessed after isabels morning feed for the last 3 days and have found it absolutely wonderful. isabel now sleeps through the night so i wake up a bit engorged and isabel isnt hungry enough to empty both boobs....

    i agree with the others though, perhaps just continue with the research and make the big purchase later if you decide to go down that path. you will be more concerned with establishing bf at first and that can take a while......

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    Dec 2007

    I have a Medela swing electric and it was very good at first but as bubs got older, I couldn't use it - I think that as time goes on your breasts become more efficient at storing milk and are less easily fooled by the pump I suppose. I had to put DD on the other breast to use it which was a hassle, in retrospect I wish I'd gotten an electric Medela that lets you express from both breasts at once.