thread: Government Announces BPA Baby Bottle Phase Out

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    Government Announces BPA Baby Bottle Phase Out

    I received the below media release a few days ago and thought some of you would be interested. Unfortunatly for our babies this is only a voluntary phase out by some major retailers and only applies to baby bottles. What about all the other plastic containers that contain BPA and are harmful to human health? There is far more than just baby bottles out there containing BPA. Also there is no mention of phthalate in plastics which is also an endocrine disruptor and harmful to human health.
    It is a start.....a rather pathetic start, but a start nonetheless

    Parliamentary Secretary for Health Mark Butler today announced the phase out by major retailers of baby bottles containing Bisphenol A (BPA).

    The voluntary phase out by the Wesfarmers group (Coles, K Mart and Target), and retailers Woolworths, Big W and Aldi is the result of months of constructive discussions between the Australian Government and retailers. The phase out will begin on July 1.

    “Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has evaluated the safety of BPA and plasticisers in baby bottles and concluded that levels of intake of BPA or plasticisers are very low and do not pose a risk to babies health,” Mr Butler said.

    ”However, the US Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this year that it is carrying out [/FONT]further research into the risks for babies and infants associated with BPA.”

    A number of countries have responded to consumer concern and the FDA’s announcement about BPA by introducing voluntary withdrawals of BPA baby bottles from the market. Such a decision has been taken in the United States, Canada and a number of European countries.

    “The Australian Government appreciates there has been a level of public concern relating to BPA in baby bottles and, as such, has worked extensively with retailers to introduce the phase out.”

    Mr Butler congratulated the major retailers on their decision to come on board and called on other retailers to do the same as soon as possible.

    He said it would ease the concerns of Australian parents.

    “The Government has listened to families on the issue of BPA and we have taken appropriate action,” he said.

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    Yes, as you said, pretty pathetic.

    Pity though that people are only concerned with BPA in baby bottles, not the BPA that is everywhere else, like the lining of tin cans and plates and bowls they serve food in.