thread: HELP.... need advice

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    May 2011

    HELP.... need advice

    Hi all,

    So the baby will be in his craddle in our room to he grows out of it, his nursery is going to be downstairs, room right next to the stairs. Now with the baby monitor (3 in one, sound/movement/camera) do I set it up in the cradle or in the cot downstairs? During the day I will be downstairs and he will have his day time sleeps in his cot... but during the night when we go to bed and obvioulsy before we get to bed he will be in his craddle in our room.... ???
    I am thinking downstairs in the cot because I will be moving around more during his sleeps and need to bring the monitor with me but when we are co sleeping in the same room I probably dont need to the monitor?

    What do you think? What worries me is when we put the baby to sleep before we go to bed and I guess if the baby is still sleeping in the mornings when I get up? if we dont have the monitor in the cradle then I will be worried?

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    Jul 2009

    Hmmm downstairs I'd say you'll use it more since he will be in your room.

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    Jul 2006
    Cloud nine :D

    Down stairs.

    Cat xox

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    Sep 2008

    We never used the monitor until we started using the cot. When DS was in the cradle we'd just push it to where-ever we were - is it easily portable?

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    Apr 2006

    We had the reverse set up of you - our bedroom downstairs and the girls' upstairs so night times they slept in the cradle next to me and day sleeps (ha ha - not that they happened often!) were upstairs in the cot. Not sure if your monitor is the same set up as mine, but I set the motion pads up in the cot (even a little breeze can be enough to move your cradle sufficiently to fool it into thinking there is a baby breathing in there) and moved the monitor from upstairs to downstairs as I needed, unplugging the cord from the pads as needed, so I could at least keep an ear on them before bed for us/after getting up like you said.

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    May 2011

    thanks for all your help girls I think I will go with downstairs in the cot... if bubs is still sleeping in the morning I will just have to keep an eye on him... if he goes to sleep early then I can can stay upstairs in the lounge room so I am in an ear shot of him...

    ah so many things to think about....

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    Nov 2010
    Perth, WA

    Definitely go with the cot - if bub is having a sleep in it's a good excuse to have one yourself