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Thread: Quinny Buzz Pram, do I need the bassinet?

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    Default Quinny Buzz Pram, do I need the bassinet?

    I just bought the Quinny Buzz Pram but didnt get the bassinet. My friend's baby is with 4 months and doesnt want to lie down anymore, so I thought I wouldnt need it. Can someone give an opinion about it? thanks

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    I had to change over from the basinette to the seat when my daughter was around 5 months old as she was too long to lay down comfortably. Personally even though I only used the basinette for a short period of time, I would still recommend it, as it was a lot easier to keep bubs warm and it was a perfect little bed for her to sleep in when we were out. The seat can't fully recline back and it isn't recommended for bubs under 6 months anyways.

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    I don't have the Buzz but we had a Strider and use the seat which is similar to the Buzz design from about 2-3 mths because Izzy loved to be upright and not lying flat all the time. We used our bassinette a totoal of twice while we were away! We used a sleeping bag with the seat so it was nice and snug thorughout winter. We also used a carrier for the first month or so at shops and markets etc while she was so little and will be doing the same this time around so that we will have one in a carrier and one in a stroller! HtH!

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    We used the Dreami (bassinet) until Oliver was 11 weeks. He started getting cranky in it after that so I swapped to the seat so he could see out. We continued to use the Dreami as a bassinet at mum's/MIL's up until this weekend. We also used the Dreami as a full-time bassinet for the first 3 and a half weeks before moving to the cot. I'm glad we had it.

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