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    Looking for feedback on this stroller - good and bad. We don't want to spend a lot of money on a double pram and this looks like a good one for our needs. We took one for a test spin with DD yesterday and seemed to steer well and was very light.

    Has anyone used this with a newborn? It doesn't recline totally flat so wondered how it went with a new bub.

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    No replies yet Tinsel!!! I am waiting the hear too.

    Did they say the stroller was suitable from birth?

    I just read a rewiew re the stroller and it said that the stroller was excellent for indoor use. Particulary good for a newborn and toddler situation however not suitable for outdoor type of activities. I guess if you are inclinded to walk alot toutdoors hen it may not be suitable.
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    Hi Bek

    No, no feedback as yet. Oh well. We will probably end up getting it and decide which equipment to take wherever we might be going.

    I read that it was suitable from birth but I found the recline wasn't all the way down but not too bad for a newborn.

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    Has anyone got one and have any feedback? Would love to hear as we haven't purchased as yet.

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    Sorry ladies - I'm not here much anymore.

    I have this pram. I think its great for what they sell it for - a shopping stroller. Its lightweight, folds up small and is very comfortable for my two (bought it when my youngest was about 4 months). I would be fine for a newborn - it reclines really well.

    Good storage baskets for shopping bits.

    I would definitely not recommend it for a walking pram though. Steering is pretty average and plastic wheels are never going to give a very smooth ride. I have a double valco that I use as my walking pram. If what you're after is a pram to leave in your car and use for the shops, the Steelcraft is fantastic.

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    Thanks for the info LuluHB. Hmmm, we will be doing a bit of walking so maybe need to rethink but sounds like a good shopping pram.

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