thread: Steelcraft enigma or acclaim pram ?????

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    Mar 2009

    Steelcraft enigma or acclaim pram ?????

    im planning to buy a pram im confused between diffrent models.
    i liked steelcraft enima and acclaim. But then i saw bootiq (bertini's new range) pram range and bootiq ruby cruz has got similar features and price as steelcraft and at the same time better quality.

    Now i'm confused what should i do?

    Can some one suggest something ???????

    please help

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    Jan 2007
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    HI, I have steelcraft downtown, its them odel up from enigma and has been great. Heaps of friends have the enigma, and it seems to be a bit like a bad trolley! They all seemed heaps easier and smoother to push in the shop as well, when i got mine home it didnt feel as easy.....

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    Oct 2008

    I have a Steelcraft Acclaim & I love it. Granted I have not used it for my own baby yet but I have put my 1 year old nephew in it & taken it outside on different surfaces & it has performed brilliantly. Lots of people have said that it doesn't handle very well when you reverse the handle. But in my experience if you lock the wheels properly when you do this there is no difference in steering etc. I don't know anything about the Bertini range so I'm not much help there. But the Steelcraft had all the features I wanted & I read all the reviews I could get my hands on before I bought it so I'm really happy with it.
    Good luck with your decision.
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    Oct 2008
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    i got a steelcraft enigma, the 4 wheel version with reverse handle. again i havnt got my baby yet but the cat seemed to enjoy being pushed around in it
    i loved that it had reverse handle so baby can face you or away from you, comes in beige and black which is good for boy or girl baby and seems to steer quite well....they RRP for $350 ish but i got one of Ebay that was only a yr old for $100 and its perfect
    HTH GL

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    Jan 2007
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    I think my Steelcraft is the enigma. I love it because I walk to the shops a lot and I wanted to be able to flip the handle over so DD wasnt looking into the sun on the way home. It steers pretty well if you lock the front wheels (whichever way you have the handles, just lock the front wheels).

    I also like that it folds in one action and you can do it in one motion. One trick though: the instructions onthe handle told me to press handle levers then step on the red lever. That is the WRONG way. You should step on the red one first, then do the handle ones. I wondered why I couldnt fold it for ages!!!

    One or two complaints though: when you fold it the baby bumper bar thing that a toddler will hold onto, always rests on teh ground and gets really grotty and scuffed. Also, the wheels are quite small so although it is great for shopping centres and nice city footpaths, it is TERRIBLE on country roads/crappy uneven footpaths. The wheels really should be a bit larger, it can be like using a stroller in that way. And the shopping basket is not suited to holding much when the handles are in the newborn position. THe basket will rub on the wheels if you put anything heavyish in there.

    All up I think it is great though and am so happy I got that one. It folds so small too. I know nothing about the Bertini ones so cant help compare there.