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Thread: which steriliser to use

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    Default which steriliser to use

    Hi all,

    Anyone have recommendations for bottle sterilisers? I am thinking of hte Avent IQ 24 which is about $154 (toys r us has a sale on for $119 but all SOLD OUT!)

    I also, saw the tommee tippee nuborn electric steriliser for 45% off at a local baby store. It is $65 now.

    Im wondering if I should save half the price and get the tommee tippee one. Anyone have bad comments about this steriliser?

    Thanks ALL

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    I'm not sure about either but saw a steriliser in Target the other day and I think it was Avent - it was $50 or $55.

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    I think you should get whichever steriliser is the same brand as your bottles. I have an Avent steriliser (the microwave one which I think from memory was about $80 odd - I think!!) and mainly Avent bottles, and also some Tommee Tippee bottles. The steriliser is great for the Avent bottles but for the TT bottles its a huge pain - they don't fit in any of the slots and you can't get that much in (you can do 6 complete Avent bottles at a time).

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